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Industrial Panel PC OEM ODM

Geshem designs and manufactures many kinds of industrial computer products including 10 inch android panel pc. One of Geshem’s main product line is Industrial Panel PC. Its range offers various LFT LED display size from 7” up to 21.5” with 5-wire resistive or capacitive touch screen. The CPU range provides choices from lower power Celeron processor up to i7 CPU and Rockchip CPU as well. Besides OEM, Geshem also can offer flexible ODM services. 

Types of Panel PC

Capacitive Touch Panel PC

The capacitive touch screen panel pc ranges in screen size from 8” to 21.5”. For different industrial application, it is also flexible to support I/O port customization, network communication like 4G LTE or 5G and WiFi. For some MES application, we also can add cameras, NFC or Fingerprint on our industrial capacitive touch screen panel pc.

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5G Panel PC

This year we launched 5G communication industrial panel pc supporting Android OS and Windows OS. The CPU can be RK3399, J1900, Core series chips, etc. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of our c...

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Features of Panel PC

  • 24/7 reliability from Geshem industrial pc company

  • Panel Mount/VESA Wall Mount for different industrial pc solutions

  • Multi-capacitive and resistive touch screen

  • High and Low-Performance Processors

  • 7" to 21.5"LCD6. Android panel PC, Windows panel PC or Linux OS industrial PC 

Why Choose Geshem Industrial Panel PC Manufacturer

Geshem Industrial Panel PC Manufacturer is a reputable and reliable supplier of industrial panel PCs, offering a range of high-quality solutions tailored to meet industrial requirements. There are several compelling reasons to choose Geshem as your industrial panel PC supplier.

Geshem is known for its extensive experience in the industry. With a deep understanding of industrial needs, they have developed a comprehensive portfolio of industrial panel PCs that deliver robust performance and reliability.Geshem is committed to providing tailored solutions. Geshem as one of the professional Industrial Panel PC Manufacturers  offer customization options to meet specific business requirements, ensuring that their industrial panel PCs seamlessly integrate into diverse industrial applications.Geshem is dedicated to quality and adheres to stringent manufacturing standards. Their industrial panel PCs are built with durability in mind, capable of withstanding harsh environments and demanding conditions.Geshem provides excellent customer support and after-sales service. Their team of experts is available to assist with technical queries and ensure a smooth user experience.

By choosing Geshem Industrial Panel PC Manufacturer as your supplier, you can expect reliable products, customized solutions, and dedicated support, making them a trusted provider of industrial panel PC solutions and industrial PC solutions.

FAQs of Panel PC

Are you the original industrial panel pc manufacturers?

Yes, Geshem is an industrial panel PC ODM/industrial panel PC OEM. Our industrial computer products include motherboard design, function modules, and casing design are entirely made by industrial panel odm/industrial panel oem Geshem itself. We also have some agents who sell our products in China and abroad.

What size does Geshem panel PC have?

As a reliable industrial panel PC company, Geshem can provide customers with 7 inch panel PC, panel PC 8 inch, 10 inch panel PC, 12 inch panel PC, 15 inch panel PC, 17 inch panel PC and 19 inch and 21 inch panel PC. If you want to know about the industrial PC price, contact us now!

Is it ok for Geshem panel PC mounting or embedded installation?

Yes. As industrial panel pc odm/oem panel pc Geshem supports 75*75mm or 100*100mm VESA wall mount, and embedded installation is also available with brackets. 

What industrial panel computer can Geshem offer?

As a famous industrial panel PC manufacturer, Geshem can provide high-quality capacitive touch screen panel PC, resistive touch screen panel PC, panel PC windows, Vehicle Mount Computer and economy touch screen panel PC optional, compared with other industrial panel pc suppliers.

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