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Industrial PC

Geshem offers industrial touch screen panel PCs, rugged tablets, industrial embedded PCs, fanless industrial PCs, etc. All of our products can be customized. Our extensive experience covers nearly every product line in the IPC field and enables us to provide outstanding OEM/ODM services. Geshem has rich custom industrial PC design experiences to ensure the successful and timely development of the product. The R&D team at Geshem focuses on bringing excellent industrial computer products to customers.

Geshem Industrial PC Types

Panel PC

Geshem's Panel PC offers a stable and easy-to-use solution to collect, transfer and process data. Front panel PC IP65 compliant industrial panel pc with shock and vibration resistance are designed specially to endure the rigorous operating environment.

Box PC

Geshem offers complete embedded system products with a wide range of I/O interfaces and multiple expansions, allowing users to connect to different devices for comprehensive automation solutions. Geshem industrial box PC provides a reliable platform to fulfill a wide variety of application demands.

Rugged Tablet

Geshem's rugged tablet provides multifunctional, industrial-grade protection and can withstand harsh working environments, whether indoors or outdoors. Our Rugged Tablet PC has passed IP rating and reliability tests and is proven to be rugged and able to meet all your work requirements. Geshem's rugged tablet provides versatile, industrial-grade protection that can withstand harsh working conditions, both indoors and outdoors.
Rackmount PC

Rackmount PC

Geshem offers a wide range of rack mount computers for industrial applications. The wide variety of systems offers many configuration options to match your application requirements.
Industrial Motherboard

Industrial Motherboard

Geshem's Industrial Motherboard provides users with powerful, compact, and flexible options, with both x86 and ARM-based platforms in various form factors.
Industrial Display

Industrial Display

Geshem's Industrial Display series product will be your most cost-effective touch monitor solution with 5-wire resistive touch and projected capacitive options of your choice.
Handheld Terminal

Handheld Terminal

Geshem's Handheld Terminal series handheld device provides a total wireless solution with the android operating system. Our Handheld Terminal series product is especially suited to solutions in the retail, warehousing, logistics, and fieldwork environment.

Geshem Top Polular Industrial PC Products

8 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet 8 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet
8 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet

An 8 inch fully rugged tablet with Octa-core 2.0GHz processor, Andriod 10 OS, and GMS certificate/WIFI/BT/4G/2D Scanner/NFC/RFID with IP67.
It could be used in most tough environments.

10 Inch Windows Intel N2930 Rugged Tablet 10 Inch Windows Intel N2930 Rugged Tablet
10 Inch Windows Intel N2930 Rugged Tablet

A 10.1 inch fully rugged tablet with Intel® Celeron® N2930 1.83GHz processor/Fanless design/WIFI, BT/3G/4G LTE/GPSRFID/NFC/QR code scanning Optional.
There is everything that you expect to find.

19 Inch J1900 Core I3/I5/I7 Capacitive Panel PC 19 Inch J1900 Core I3/I5/I7 Capacitive Panel PC
19 Inch J1900 Core I3/I5/I7 Capacitive Panel PC

Super Large HD 19.5" Capacitive Touchscreen Reflects More Information and Details.

10 Inch RK3288/RK3399 Android Vehicle Mount Computer 10 Inch RK3288/RK3399 Android Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch RK3288/RK3399 Android Vehicle Mount Computer

Vehicle Mount Computers made to be mounted on material handling equipment and withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration to maintain operational continuity.
Applied to network function, information indication, security function.

Geshem Industrial PC Advantages

Geshem Industrial PC Advantages


As a professional industrial PC manufacturer, Geshem has profound knowledge in custom design and manufacturing and gives you a reasonable industrial PC price.


Geshem focuses on the high reliability of industrial computer products, including drops, shocks, sealing (water and dust), and temperature fluctuations. The durability means longer uptime and lower maintenance costs.


Rugged design, engineered to withstand the toughest conditions,  a reliable partner in your enterprise operations.

Geshem Industrial PC Solutions

Geshem Industrial PC Solutions
Mobile Field Service

Geshem's rugged tablet will give your field workers instant access to the data and information they need at any time and place.

Geshem Industrial PC Solutions

Consumers need faster and simpler ways to shop. Placing a rugged tablet on the front line of the store can ensure the safety of the device while conducting transactions.

Geshem Industrial PC Solutions
Transportation & Logistics

Whether by land, sea, or air, rugged tablets help improve safety, save time, and increase overall productivity while enhancing customer service.

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