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Box PC

Geshem's Box PC is available in compact and expandable models with a wide range of interfaces, J1900 and Core i3/5/7 chips, and supports Win7, Win10, and Linux to meet the different needs of our customers.

The Box PC has a rugged aluminum housing and is suitable for a wide range of industrial computer application, whether high temperature, high vibration, humidity, and poor ventilation, and so on.

Mainly used in Factory line control, video surveillance, visual monitoring, rail transportation, instrumentation, and other industries.

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Features of Box PC

  • Small and compact

The small footprint makes for flexible installation and simple maintenance. Can be used with almost any machine, control cabinet, equipment.

  • Diversified Platforms

Regardless of whether your enterprise application is based on Windows or Linux, we can provide you with an excellent Box PC solution.

  • Diverse I/O

WIFI, BT, LTE, GPS, RFID, 2D and Voltage module, etc. No matter what your work needs, the Box PC is highly customizable to best suit your needs.

FAQs of Box PC

How Box PC enables stable closed operations?

A model for industrial applications, the common enclosed metal housing reduces damage from shock generation while increasing the heat dissipation area, thus allowing for closed space operation.

Why Box PC operations can be so stable and reliable?

Closed, low power consumption, fanless and other basic features of the embedded Box PC enable long working cycles with low redundancy and errors are possible.

Why is Box PC so powerful in terms of expansion?

With numerous extensions such as Minipcie, PCIe and PC104 built onboard, a certain degree of scalability and specificity can be brought to the customer.

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