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Industrial Computers in Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Computers in Industrial Manufacturing

With the fierce competition, the profit margin of the factory is gradually shrinking, and reducing costs from all aspects is an issue on the agenda of all product manufacturers. The production line solutions that have been used for many years have different problems and challenges: no matter the original oral communication and later paper instructions, or the document display after the popularization of computers, there are deficiencies, waste of resources, and increased management costs. Wait for a series of questions.

The factory MES system co-developed by industrial pc manufacturer Geshemtech and software integration manufacturers is targeted solution of industrial tablets and computers for manufacturing to this series of problems encountered by traditional production manufacturers. Customized E-SHOP system solution for professional production line measuring sound, one-time investment, long-term repeated use, no consumables, truly paperless office, and systematic management. Reduce costs for the company, maximize profits, improve corporate image, and increase the line change speed by 100%.

Design of Computers in Industrial Manufacturing:

The E-SHOP system solution is an information system that electronics work instructions, and uniformly manages and centralizes control, revision, and replacement of version control, issuance, and recovery of electronic and automated information systems. It can establish the corresponding process flow according to the product production process, configure the instruction book for the corresponding process, and automatically push the electronic instruction book to the corresponding station display terminal according to the production situation. The TQ21-51AC series of industrial pc tablet with an Android platform developed and produced by Geshemtech has solved the E-SHOP terminal problem. With a multi-point capacitive touch, it integrates a series of functional applications such as face recognition, RFID, and 2D scanning, combined with the recording, identification, and comparison functions of the MES system, to realize the automated production and line change of the rugged computer tablets manufacturing line with industrial pc solutions.

Significance of Computers in Industrial Manufacturing:

The E-SHOP system solution improves the operating efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise. Because SOP itself is also the product of continuous summary, optimization, and improvement in practice, the common wisdom of many people has been accumulated in this process. The enterprise improves the efficiency of each station through the E-SHOP system, thereby improving the overall operating efficiency. From the perspective of competing companies with equal conditions, differentiation is often not in hardware, but in software. The differentiation of E-SHOP system solutions is reflected in whether the details can be quantified. Therefore, it also has a very good role in improving the operation effect of the enterprise.

Our program/product introduction from panel pc manufacturer: Networking/System Architecture

Product Description: TQ21-51AC is a 21-inch industrial panel computer with multi-point capacitive touch, onboard Intel BayTrail platform J1900 low-power processor, optional Core I3/I5 processor. Provide multiple serial ports and USB communication, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports support internal and external network communication, optional face recognition, RFID, and 2D scanning modules.

All-metal structure, the front panel adopts high-precision CNC processing and the capacitive touch screen is perfectly fit, the rear shell aluminum alloy is open-molded and formed to be sturdy and durable, the whole machine has no cable integrated design, small size, compact structure, sturdiness, no fan heat dissipation, Has excellent sealing, dustproof, heat dissipation, and anti-vibration performance. Support VESA bracket installation, which can meet the installation environment of different production lines.

Features of 21-inch Industrial Panel Computer

Thin and light rugged tablet computer

It adopts a large-size full HD resolution display and a multi-point capacitive touch screen. The thickness of the whole machine is only 53mm, which is convenient for embedded installation in various production line environments and occupies a small space. It can support VESA bracket installation and multi-angle rotation of the production line.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

The whole machine is equipped with two Intel dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, independent chip control, and can support internal and external network communication, which is convenient for the network authority setting of different stations and is convenient for the update and distribution of SOP files.

Multi-point capacitive touch screen

The large-size multi-point capacitive touch screen is attached to the full metal panel, which is stronger than the plastic frame. The customized touch screen solves the interference problem of the capacitive screen and the metal panel, and can also shield the electronic interference of the production line environment on the computer of rugged tablets for sale. It is an optional Support glove operation.

Modules can be customized

The whole machine supports customized services for a variety of modules and can support the customization of face recognition cameras and fingerprint modules for production line employees, the customization of badge RFID recognition modules, and the customization of product QR code scanning modules. Customers can choose to increase the identification of various intelligent modules according to their own production line conditions.

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