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After-sale Service of Industrial PC Manufacturers

After-sale Service

1. Free technical consulting via telephone, video and email to analyze the problems. If unsolved, we will request customers to return faulty devices to us, then send back after repair. And we will charge for some valuable spart parts like motherboard etc. 

2. Technical training and documents support 

3. Other methods can be discussed based on the real situation 

Warranty Policy of Industrial PC Manufacturers

Warranty Policy

1. Our product come with a 12-months warranty. To prevent the delivery cycle from shortening the warranty period, we will start 30 days after the date of dispatch.

2. We also provide extended warranty service for customers, please ask our customer service for more details.

Return Guide of Industrial PC Manufacturers

Return Guide

1. If the product is damaged, missing, or sent by mistake due to logistics reasons, please reject it on the spot and ask the courier to store the certificate. At the same time, please take a photo to store the certificate. If you have signed for it, you need to provide a certificate issued by the logistics company.

2. For other reasons, after being confirmed by Geshem, you can apply for return or exchange.