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Computers in Industry

Computers in Industry

The application of automated monitoring technology in the mold industry is very small because most computers in industrial manufacturing involves casting processes, which are accompanied by harsh working conditions, high temperature and high pressure, high humidity, high dust, and more interference. Precision testing equipment and ordinary It is difficult for a computer to operate stably under such conditions.

German Air Intelligence and machine vision solution providers have jointly developed an industrial tablet computer for mold monitoring, which integrates professional industrial pc solutions technologies such as machine vision, optics, electronics, and automatic control. The entire program uses machine vision to perform real-time shooting operations, intelligently monitor the injection molding machine to detect poor mold release, detect short shot or flash products, monitor whether the mold slider is in place, and monitor the correct position of the insert product. This equipment can avoid compression molds, reduce the number of ejection times, avoid mold damage and stop production, and shorten the production cycle. When there is a short shot or bad product, the operator can be reminded in time.

Design of Computers in Industry:

A 10-inch rugged industrial tablet computer used in the project integrates a dongle with software and a GPIO control board for mold status monitoring. Application software development based on the Windows platform, through the security door, mold opening, For ejection and mold clamping monitoring, the USB or POE camera connected to the industrial flat panel is used to check whether the product is mucous and the color of the product is correct during the mold production process, and whether the insert is assembled in place is monitored. Confirmation of product residues outside the core and mold core. After the mold is opened, the product falls off inspection, the confirmation of the position of the slider, whether there are foreign objects in the mold cavity, etc., carry out a complete set of mold monitoring during the mold opening process from beginning to end.

1. High temperature-resistant operation. The vision system uses high-temperature-resistant materials as protective clothing and is equipped with a heat dissipation system. The shooting lens uses transparent high-temperature-resistant materials, which can work normally in an environment of 70°C without affecting its detection results.

2. The detection process is fast and efficient. The movement system controls the running speed through the servo motor, which can realize the running linear speed of 1000mm/s, and the running round-trip time can be controlled within 15s to realize the rapid photo acquisition and detection of the mold.

3. Intelligent detection process. The equipment automatically locates the inspection point, collects photos of the mold without dead ends, and automatically identifies quality problems through the photo information, and sends out an alarm signal.

4. Large stroke moves smoothly. The effective stroke can reach 1500mm. The module adopts aluminum profiles to reduce the weight. At the same time, the adapter plate is welded with reinforcing ribs, which can realize the stable movement of the module within the effective stroke and ensure the quality of photo collection.

5. The equipment saves space. It occupies a small area, has a simplified structure, does not interfere with the casting equipment, and is convenient for maintenance by operation and maintenance personnel.

Significance of Computers in Industry:

As the most important molding equipment in production and processing, the quality of molds is directly related to the quality of products. Since the mold occupies a large proportion of the processing and production cost, its service life directly affects the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, real-time monitoring of molds, improving mold quality, focusing on mold maintenance, and extending mold life cycles play a very critical role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency for product processing enterprises.

Product Description: TPC-GS1051TA ruggedized tablet PC is a brand new product based on the Intel®Bay-trail J1900 platform. The panel adopts plastic injection molding to reduce weight, and the rear shell is reinforced by aluminum alloy die-casting molding. The whole machine is equipped with an anti-fall wrap angle. Fanless design, thin and compact structure, with excellent sealing, dustproof, heat dissipation, and anti-vibration performance. It supports VESA installation, which can be installed in a factory with high temperature and pressure, high humidity, high dust, and more interference. It can be widely used in machine vision, mold monitoring and 3C finished product inspection, and other industrial manufacturing fields.

Features of TPC-GS1051TA Ruggedized Tablet PC

Fanless heat dissipation design

It adopts a compact design with no rotating parts (no CPU fan, no system fan, no power supply fan, or HDD), passively radiates heat through the fuselage, which greatly reduces the maintenance and repair risks caused by mechanical failure.

4 customized high-power USB ports

The motherboard is customized with 4 high-current USB ports to support the communication and data reading between the customer's camera and the host, which can prevent the external high current from backflowing and avoid burning the host's main chip.

Customized DB15 dedicated power supply interface and IO communication interface

On the basis of the original standard model, the DB15 communication interface of the solid bur is customized, which is mainly used for the on-site power supply of the whole machine and the GPIO communication of the built-in module to ensure the reliability of the system operation. The integrated customer module can monitor the opening, closing, and ejection of the mold, cooperate with the camera to take pictures and monitor, and the whole machine has an integrated buzzer alarm function.

Support VESA bracket installation

The whole machine is equipped with VESA bracket holes, which is convenient for fixing in any narrow space in the production workshop.

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