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Industrial PC in Agriculture

Industrial PC in Agriculture

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought many difficulties to spring plowing. Not only is the time tight, but avoiding too much contact has also become an important issue at the moment. As far as agricultural production activities are concerned, autonomous driving simplifies many problems. Relying on the intelligent control technology of modern industrial computers to achieve high-precision operations and efficient system planning and scheduling, to improve the level of agricultural production management, promote the transformation of agriculture from traditional operations to precise operations, and provide advanced technical support for the upgrading of agricultural enterprises from extensive management to refined management. , And these are exactly the direction of future agricultural production and agricultural management.

The agricultural farming automatic driving system is a steering-wheel-type automatic driving product independently developed by a domestic listed company. The system uses satellite positioning, mechanical control, inertial navigation, and other technologies, and adopts advanced torque motor solutions so that the agricultural machinery can automatically adjust the direction of travel according to the planned route, and the operation accuracy can reach ±2.5cm, which is suitable for ditching and harrowing. Various agricultural operations such as land, sowing, ridging, fertilizing, spraying, harvesting, and seedling transplanting.

Design of Industrial PC in Agriculture:

The industrial panel computer in the industrial pc solutions system is developed and produced by German Air Intelligence. The front panel IP65 level can operate stably under harsh terrain, rain, and temperature. The interface is designed by a bunch of wires, which is convenient for customers to perforate and route during the actual installation process. , Can be well connected to the body sensor and positioning system, providing an intelligent solution for agricultural production.

Significance of Industrial PC in Agriculture:

Auto-guided driving technology for agricultural production in developed countries in Europe and the United States has been popularized. At present, many provinces in China have also issued strong support for the automatic navigation and driving system of agricultural machinery. The agricultural cultivation automatic driving system can realize the functions of agricultural machinery positioning, scientific operation, operation trajectory, and historical trajectory through the Beidou satellite system and LBS base station, and solve the problem of excessive resource consumption in farming. Keep abreast of the working location, working quality, alarm information, maintenance information, and other conditions of agricultural machinery at any time, centralized management, scientific scheduling, saving time and effort.

Our program/product introduction: Networking/System Architecture

Product Description: PPC-GS0853T-JK4 is an ultra-thin industrial panel computer product with low power consumption, high reliability, fanless, and touch screen. All interfaces are led out through a bunch of wires, the front panel is injection-molded, and the rear panel aluminum alloy plate for heat dissipation.

This product uses an onboard Intel® Atom E3845 processor, onboard 2G DDR3 memory, the whole machine has rich I/O interfaces, airtight fanless, ultra-thin design, and supports Windows 7/8/10, Linux, and other operating systems. Scalable high-precision positioning module, sensor module, etc.

Features of Ultra-Thin Industrial Panel Computer

Fanless heat dissipation design

The panel industrial pc adopts a compact design with no rotating parts (no CPU fan, no system fan, no power supply fan, or HDD), passively radiates heat through the fuselage, which greatly reduces the maintenance and repair risks caused by mechanical failure.

Multi-serial extension interface

The whole machine provides up to 3 USB2.0 and 3 RS232 expansion ports, which is convenient to connect to other communication devices on the car and can support 4G or WIFI expansion.

Comprehensively paste resistive touch screen

The rugged 8 inch tablet with full-featured five-wire resistive touch screen supports IP65 waterproof and dust-proof protection on the front panel.

High-precision positioning

Compatible with GPS/GLONASS, realize ±2.5cm positioning error through RTK differential technology.

Vehicle data acquisition

Optional CAN interface to read body data, the module supports frequency band and extended frame changes.

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