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Rugged Laptop

Geshem's Rugged laptop provides multifunctional, industrial-grade protection and can withstand harsh working environments, whether indoors or outdoors. As one of the leading rugged tablet PC manufacturers, we provide full Rugged laptop which has passed IP rating and reliability tests, and is proven to be rugged and able to meet most industrial harsh work requirements and extended functions for specific requirements. Inquire industrial PC cost from us!

14 inch semi Rugged Laptop

14 semi rugged laptop is with 8th generation Intel Core CPU, which is a good choice for outdoor industrial application with limited budget.

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14 inch Full Rugged Laptop

14" full rugged laptop is with 11th generaton Intel core CPU, vaious network communications and support extended expansion which is suitable for outdoor harsh working environment.

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Features of Rugged Laptop


Intel Core high performance processor,Ram Max up to 64GB and SSD optional


14" high resolution LCD and support sunlight readable

I/O and expansion

Barcode Scanner、LTE、RFID、Fingerprint Reader and AG+AF display function, ect. No matter what your work needs, this tailor-made rugged tablets for sale can easily meet your requirements.

FAQs of Rugged Laptop

What is the battery life of the Geshem rugged laptop?

Geshem provides a long battery life that can provide up to 8-10 hours of battery life on a single charge, depending on how the tablet is used and settings. And some you also can choose the second spare battery.

Is it ok to do customization on your standard rugged laptop?

Yes, OEM and ODM services are avaiable.

What is the warranty of your rugged laptop?

We can offer three years' warranty for our rugged laotop. 

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