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Android Rugged Tablet

The Android system is a mobile operation with a large market use base. The wide user group of the Android system directly lays the foundation for the development of the android rugged tablet.

The Android developed platform allows any mobile terminal manufacturer to join it. Significant openness can enable it to have more developers. Therefore, this also determines the three essential advantages of the android rugged tablet.

  • The richness of hardware

  • The open-source operating system

  • Convenience of development

Types of Android Rugged Tablet

8 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet

8 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet

An 8 inch fully rugged tablet with Octa-core 2.0GHz processor, Andriod 10 OS, and GMS certificate/WIFI/BT/4G/2D Scanner/NFC/RFID with IP67. It could be used in most tough environments.

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10 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet

10 Inch MTK 6771 Rugged Tablet

A 10 inch fully rugged tablet with Octa-core 2.0Ghz processor, Andriod 11 OS, and GMS certificate. Multiple module options like 2D Scanner/RFID/etc for your different applications.

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Features of Android Rugged Tablet

  • Open-source OS

Android is the most powerful OS which supports millions of applications and games. It is an open-source platform which you can also do some modifications to meet your standards.

  • Convenience of development

Android OS is not operated by some specific developers like other operating systems, but it allows developers from all over the world to take part in their development.

  • The richness of hardware options

Android has the greatest edge of hardware, not applications. Android is available on a wide range of hardware, including stylus and wide displays, excellent battery life, or a physical keyboard. And you can figure out something more.

FAQs of Android Rugged Tablet

What functions can be customized on Geshem Andriod rugged tablet?

Geshem's Andriod rugged tablets can support 1000nits brightness, NFC, LF/HF/UHF RFID, fingerprint, ID card recognition, 1D/2D barcode scanning, etc. In order to satisfy customers in different fields, we have a strong R&D team to fulfill different functions according to different needs.

What is the latest Andriod version of Geshem Andriod rugged tablets?

At present, Geshem's Android rugged tablets are all with Android 10 os and will be upgraded to Android 11 in the near future.

What certificates/reports do Geshem's Android rugged tablets have?

Geshem has customers from all over the world. We have the certificates/reports needed for exporting to different countries such as CE, FCC, ROSH, MSDS, UN etc, bringing convenience, safety, and quality assurance to customers.

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