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10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer
10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer

Geshem 10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Touch PC


Intel® Core™ 6th I5 low-power high-performance processor.

10.1 inch industrial grade display.

Five-wire resistive touch screen for vehicle mount PC.

4GB DDR4 memory (8GB/16GB optional).

64G SSD (optional 128GB/256GB/512GB).

All aviation plug design interfaces for industrial panel ODM.

2*USB2.0/2*RS232/1*LAN/1*DC in.

Sealed fanless dustproof design, front panel IP65.

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Benefits of 10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Touch PC

  • Vehicle Mount Computer

  • 2*RS232 interface, 1*7pin aviation plug

  • 2*USB2.0 interface, 1*8pin aviation plug

  • Support 100M LAN, 1*6pin aviation plug (optional gigabit LAN)

  • Optional 4G, WIFI/BT, GNSS, NFC/RFID/2D

  • Windows 7/8.1/10, Linux

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Specification of 10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Touch PC

System Hardware
CPUIntel® Bay Trail J1900 Quad Core Processor
Memory4GB LPDDR3 (8GB optional)
Storage32G SSD (optional 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB)
ButtonPanel with 1 switch button, 2 custom buttons (optional 6 custom buttons F1-F6)
Audio2*4Ω, 3w speaker
LCD Type10.1 inch industrial grade display
TouchscreenFive-wire resistive touch screen
Max. Resoltuion1280*800
Luminance400 cd/m2
OSWindows 7/8.1/10, Linux
I/O Interface
Serial port2*RS232 interface, 1 7pin aviation plug
SwitchSquare switch (on and off function of the whole machine)
USB2*USB2.0 interface, 1 8pin aviation plug
LANSupport 100M LAN, 1 6pin aviation plug
WIFI/BTDual-band WIFI, external antenna
Extended Functions
NFC/RFIDOptional NFC/HF-RFID/UHF-RFID, 3 choose 1
Barcode ScannerOptional 1D/2D barcode scanner, 2 choose 1
Power Input9-36V DC input 1 3pin aviation plug
(with ITPS function, support ACC delay switch, the whole machine with 5A insert fuse)
IP RatingFront panel IP65
Operating Temp.-10℃~60℃ Surface air flow
Storage Temp.-20℃~70℃
Vibration Protection5-19Hz/1.0mm amplitude; 19-200Hz/1.0g acceleration
Shock Protectionacceleration 10G/11ms
ReliabilityMTBF≥30000h; MTTR≤0.5h
CertificateCE, RHOS
MaterialAll-metal aluminum alloy fanless design
Dimension (W x H x D)280*200*48mm
Optional Accessory
MountingVESA installation: 75*75mm, 100*100mm

Dimension of 10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Touch PC

Dimension of 10 Inch Core Windows Vehicle Mount Computer

Applications of Vehicle Mount Touch PC

Vehicle mount touch PCs find applications in various industries, providing robust computing solutions in mobile environments. In transportation and logistics, these devices are commonly used for route planning, real-time tracking, and fleet management. They enable drivers to access maps, communicate with dispatchers, and collect data efficiently. Additionally, in construction and field service industries, vehicle mount touch PCs assist in project management, asset tracking, and data collection on-site. They can withstand harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures and vibrations, making them suitable for rugged environments. Industries such as agriculture and mining benefit from vehicle mount touch PCs by enabling operators to monitor and control machinery remotely. Moreover, emergency services and public safety agencies utilize these devices for mobile command centers, facilitating communication and incident management.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle Mount Touch PC for Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

When selecting a vehicle mount touch PC for industrial and commercial vehicles, several key features should be considered. Firstly, ruggedness and durability are crucial to withstand the demands of the environment. Geshem industrial PC solutions are known for their robustness, designed to withstand shocks, vibrations, dust, and moisture. Secondly, screen size and resolution should be chosen based on the application's requirements and visibility needs. Geshem offers various screen sizes, including 10.1", 12.1", and 15", with high-resolution displays for clear visibility in different lighting conditions. Lastly, connectivity options are vital for seamless integration with other devices and systems. Geshem industrial panel PCs provide multiple connectivity options such as Ethernet, USB, serial ports, and wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) to enable data exchange and peripheral connectivity.

Potential Applications of Vehicle Mount Touch PCs beyond Transportation and Logistics

Vehicle mount touch PCs have potential applications beyond transportation and logistics. In the healthcare industry, they can be used for mobile medical carts, enabling access to patient records, medication management, and telehealth services. Geshem industrial panel PCs, with their antimicrobial coating, ensure hygiene and infection control in healthcare environments. In retail and hospitality, vehicle mount touch PCs can be utilized for mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems, inventory management, and customer service. They allow staff to process payments, track inventory, and provide real-time information to customers. Furthermore, in utilities and energy sectors, vehicle mount touch PCs can be deployed in utility trucks for meter reading, maintenance tasks, and remote monitoring of infrastructure. Geshem industrial panel PC manufacturers offer rugged devices that can withstand the demanding conditions of these industries, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

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