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Industrial PC in Automotive

Industrial PC in Automotive

Most of the mining vehicles are diesel vehicles. In many mining areas for industrial pc solutions, diesel vehicle manufacturers conduct centralized fault detection of vehicles. However, due to the scattered operating vehicles, detection is very difficult. Automobile fault detection is a very important step in automobile maintenance. It can read the fault code of the vehicle, clear the fault code, read the vehicle engine data, and analyze the data in combination with the corresponding automobile brand. Therefore, the portable vehicle intelligent detection system can quickly read the data stream of the faulty vehicle through the OBD interface on the vehicle, determine the fault content of the vehicle, and perform maintenance judgments, saving a lot of troubleshooting time.

Through the docking with diesel vehicle manufacturers, the intelligent detection system for mining vehicles uses the CAN module integrated into the rugged tablet windows pc to identify and classify different models. It can automatically obtain the data stream of the vehicle broadcast, detect the vehicle baud rate, and obtain the corresponding Standard frame or extended frame bytes. Combine the settings and coding functions of different manufacturers to read the vehicle's speed, fuel consumption, lighting, hydraulic pressure, voltage, and other data to determine the vehicle's operating status.

Design of Industrial PC in Automotive:

The rugged tablet PC TPC-GS1081T is developed and produced by German Air Intelligence. It has a 10.1-inch high-score display with a multi-point capacitive touch screen, and the surface toughened glass has a hardness of up to 7H. Onboard MTK MT6771 high-performance processor, 4G/64G high-speed memory chip, support Android 10 operating system. Integrated CAN and 4G modules, which can be connected to the vehicle OBD interface to obtain vehicle data, and quickly determine the vehicle status through the system application software. At the same time, the custom industrial pc also reserves RFID, 2D, and other code scanning modules, and custom cases to facilitate customers to customize services for basic functions.

Significance of Industrial PC in Automotive:

Reinforce the tablet computer, reducing the difficulty of traditional car centralized detection. Utilizing the super-long battery life of the smart terminal, outdoor long-distance operations can be carried out. The three-proof reinforcement design of the fuselage ensures that a drop of fewer than 1.2 meters on site will not cause damage to the equipment itself.

Product Description

TPC-GS1081T is a 10-inch ruggedized tablet computer with onboard MTK MT6771 high-performance processor, standard 4G/64 high-speed memory chip, capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, using Gorilla III glass, surface hardness 7H. The whole machine can reach IP67 level, standard configuration with one RJ45 network interface and one RS232 serial port, comes with wireless communication modules such as GPS, 4G, WIFI, and optional multi-function interface modules such as wide voltage, CAN, RFID, 2D, and fingerprint.

Features of 10-inch Ruggedized Tablet Computer

Fully reinforced design

The casing adopts a two-color injection molding process of soft and hard rubber, and the internal aluminum alloy bracket is reinforced. The hard casing can prevent the surface of the body from being scratched. The soft wrap angle can withstand a 1.2-meter drop test. The touch screen surface is made of Gorilla Glass, with a hardness of 7H.

 4G full Netcom

Standard 4G full Netcom communication module, internal integrated 4G communication antenna.

GPS dual-mode positioning

Support GPS+BEIDOU dual-mode positioning, the accuracy can reach 3-5 meters.

Dual speaker design

It adopts a dual speaker design, supports multi-channel playback, and can meet voice playback functions in harsh environments.

Support serial port and network port expansion

The interface of the whole machine comes with 1 RS232 and 1 RJ45 network interface, without additional expansion.

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