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How to Use Embedded Industrial PC Correctly?

Embedded industrial PC has a very wide range of applications in the field of intelligence. As an intelligent system, the embedded box PC is different from the traditional industrial PC. Generally speaking, the embedded industrial PC has no specific application field and can be customized and developed according to the needs.

With the penetration of the embedded box PC into various industries, the reputation has gradually increased. In recent years, the embedded industrial PC has undergone technological innovation, which has greatly improved the hardware capabilities. So what are the precautions when using commonly used embedded industrial PCs?

1. Check whether the device is normal before using the embedded box PC

According to the introduction of the brand's embedded industrial PC manufacturers, before using the public PC, you must pay attention to its running state. It should not be disassembled at will during the operation process.

If there is a fault, you need to use professional equipment to detect it and judge the type of fault of the industrial embedded box pc according to the parameter comparison. Do not disassemble it privately and affect the overall operation.

During use, you must pay attention to prevent the damage to the hard disk, otherwise, you may face scrap or high maintenance costs. Do not use paper or cloth products to wipe the screen of the embedded industrial PC in daily life to avoid scratches.

2. Read the manual before installing software in the embedded box PC

If other software need to be installed in the embedded box PC, you need to read the relevant instructions in detail to see if the embedded industrial PC is compatible with it, otherwise, it will also affect the service life of the embedded industrial PC.

Moreover, different industrial PCs also have certain requirements for the use environment. If there are no special circumstances, try to keep the embedded box PC in the normal temperature and humidity range. When the humidity is too high, please pay attention to dehumidification. And pay attention to cooling when the temperature is high.

3. Maintain heat dissipation when using the embedded box PC

When using the embedded industrial PC, its superheat dissipation must be ensured, especially pay attention to regularly cleaning the dustproof sponge inside the embedded industrial PC.

In order to improve its operating efficiency, it is necessary to clean up the disk regularly. Disk defragmentation can make the industrial pc run more smoothly, but in order to avoid data loss, please make a backup in advance.

In addition, the anti-virus work of the embedded box PC cannot be avoided. After the virus attacks, the system response parameter data will be wrong or the system will run slowly.

All in all, the first point of using an embedded industrial PC is to pay attention to preventing permanent damage to the hardware of the embedded industrial PC caused by changes in external force and space environment. The second is to avoid changes in the network environment that will affect the industrial PC. You can read our blog to know more about the advantages of industrial embedded panel pc and the differences between embedded pc industrial and traditional industrial computer and the necessary knowledge for choosing an industrial pc embedded control motherboard.

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