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The Advantages of Embedded Industrial Computer and Its Market Demand

Ⅰ. What are the advantages of embedded box PC

According to the application environment, industrial computers are divided into embedded industrial computers, rack-mounted industrial computers, wall-mounted industrial computers, and industrial tablet computers.

Embedded industrial computer is also called box-type industrial computer, BOX PC, fanless industrial touch panel pc. The industrial pc embedded is a reinforced and enhanced industrial computer, which can operate safely, stably and reliably in an industrial environment as an industrial controller.

(1) Stable and reliable

The embedded industrial computer generally adopts a fanless heat dissipation design for reasons such as structure and volume. This passive cooling method puts forward higher requirements on the power consumption of industrial PC embedded, so embedded industrial computers generally use low-power CPUs.

The box PC industrial, which is embedded, is also equipped with a highly reliable industrial power supply with overvoltage and overcurrent protection. It has a "watchdog" timer that automatically resets without manual intervention when it crashes due to a fault. It is thus possible to work for a long time with low redundancy.

(2) Small and compact

The embedded industrial computer occupies a small space, and the installation and maintenance are simple and flexible.

(3) Firmly closed

The embedded industrial computer adopts a metal shell, which reduces the damage caused by the impact and increases the heat dissipation area. It relies on the casing to dissipate heat, so that it can work in closed spaces.

(4) Elastic expansion

A certain expansion space is a necessary condition for a BOX PC industrial. Through the built-in onboard mini-PCIE, PCI and many other expansions, it can bring flexible expansion and upgrade to customers, such as 3G expansion, data acquisition input.

Ⅱ. How can the embedded box PC meet the new demands of the market

At present, embedded industrial computers have been widely used in industrial automation, rail transit, medical equipment, vehicle equipment, electric power, finance, environmental protection and other fields. In the face of new fields, how can embedded industrial computers meet the new demands of the market?

(1) Expand the economical market

The industrial computer products that take into account the "quality advantage" and "price advantage" can meet the needs of customers for economical industrial computers. The embedded box PC is required not only to have high cost performance but also to have good compatibility.

(2) Looking for a differentiated competitive advantage

If IPC manufacturers do not find their own unique advantages to expand the market, but passively follow or imitate the pace of industry leaders, it will be difficult to meet the ever-changing market demands.

In the face of fierce market competition, how to find a differentiated competitive advantage is a survival skill that every industrial computer manufacturer must master.

(3) Adapt to industrial development

As one of the main types of automation controllers, embedded box PC will change in form in the future, and will become more and more detached from the concept of a general platform, and develops various proprietary models that meet the application of sub-sectors and vertical industries.

Secondly, embedded industrial computer manufacturers generally only provide hardware devices. In the future, in order to make the application more intelligent, they will gradually increase various software-level products to provide customers with "ready-to-use" overall solutions.

In addition, the joint research and development of embedded industrial computer manufacturers and customers and more customization will also become the trend of industrial computer products and services.

With the recommendation of industrial automation, the embedded IPC market will enter a period of rapid development, requiring IPC manufacturers to continuously innovate and upgrade to maintain technological leadership, create industry standards, and form a competitive advantage for embedded box PC.

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