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What Are the Necessary Knowledge for Choosing an Embedded Industrial Control Motherboard?

When choosing an embedded industrial control motherboard, the main things to consider are the following: motherboard layout, CPU, interface configuration, and raw materials!

Ⅰ. Embedded box PC motherboard layout

The layout of the embedded industrial computer motherboard is mainly reflected from the arrangement of the components on the embedded industrial computer motherboard and the wiring of the lines.

In order to save costs, reduce prices, and gain a firm foothold in the market, some industrial panel pc manufacturers have not only reduced the number of layers, but also made corresponding adjustments to the materials and accessories of the embedded industrial computer motherboard to meet the basic performance requirements made by the chipset. This cost reduction is a test of the manufacturer's ability to design and layout embedded box PC motherboards.

Not only does it fit the same amount of expansion bits in a smaller space, but it also maintains stability and limits interference. In this way, the rationality of the structural design of the embedded pc motherboard is particularly important.

A little unreasonable design will lead to a crash. The unstable motherboard and poor performance are all caused by this! Therefore, when choosing an industrial motherboard manufacturer, we must choose a manufacturer with many years of experience and strong technology.

Ⅱ. Embedded box PC CPU

The choice of chipset is to be considered when choosing a motherboard. The support provided varies between different motherboard chipsets. At the same time, the prices are also different. You can't unilaterally choose a motherboard that you can't use at all for its functions.

You can't choose a box PC motherboard that doesn't suit your needs just because the it is cheap. The principle of motherboard selection is: "fit for yourself and meet your needs".

Ⅲ. Interface configuration of embedded box PC

The interface part also often reflects the positioning of a motherboard and the functions it provides, although the dual network ports and multi-serial ports provided by the interface may not be available for most users.

But for users in need, this is more important. At the same time, the number of USB interfaces sometimes affects the feeling of use.

In the interface part, it can explain the positioning of a motherboard. The interface provided on the box PC motherboard is relatively rich, while on the low-end motherboard, it can be saved. This kind of saving is not a bad thing.

After all, any function ultimately requires users to pay for it. Unnecessary interfaces are not necessary, but if you need them, you must pay attention!

Ⅳ. Embedded box PC working materials

(1) Workmanship of PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

The color of the PC board with guaranteed quality is basically the same, and the finish is good. The general quality that looks shiny is better. The general standard for the number of PCB layers is 4 or 6 layers. Of course, the quality of 6 layers is much better.

(2) The workmanship of SMT (surface mount) components

To determine whether the production process of the embedded box PC motherboard is excellent is mainly by observing the placement accuracy of certain components. Standard component placement is accurately positioned without offset.

The above are the issues that should be paid attention to when choosing an industrial control motherboard. We believe that after you understand these, you can easily identify whether an embedded industrial control motherboard is well done and whether the performance configuration is suitable for you.

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