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What Types of Industrial Displays Are There?

Nowadays, industrial displays are used more and more widely. Industrial displays are displays used in industrial control processes or equipment.

The main difference between it and civilian or commercial displays is that the shell design is generally all-steel design, and the panels are divided into different materials such as ordinary iron plates, stainless steel, stainless steel, and aluminum panels.

Special dustproof and shockproof design, industrial display adopts industrial-grade liquid crystal display, in the case of high environmental requirements, consider using wide temperature (-40°C to 85°C) liquid crystal display.

Industrial liquid crystal displays have various display sizes and installation methods. Different from ordinary liquid crystal displays, they can adapt to extreme environments, operate stably, and have long service life.

Our industrial display solutions offer a full range of reliable displays, including wall-mounted industrial display, embedded industrial display, open industrial display, flip-chip industrial display and rack-mounted industrial display. For more information, let's take a look at it together from Geshem industrial display manufacturer.

1. Wall-mounted industrial display

The feature is that the wall-mounted industrial displays can be hung, not only on the wall, but most of them are installed on the customer's equipment.

It can adjust the angle according to the customer's requirements. With the appropriate installation arm, the wall-mounted industrial display can stay at any position for users to watch. It is generally used in small, medium and large equipment.

2. Embedded industrial display

As the name suggests, the embedded industrial display must be embedded in the customer's product, and the customer's product must have a medium-to-large control cabinet.

The embedded industrial display is only the panel and the rest is embedded in the customer's equipment, and the back is fixed with a hook (the large control cabinet only needs to open a large square hole according to the opening size in our embedded display installation drawing) other places do not need to open any installation holes.

3. Open industrial display

The industrial display has no frame and shell, only the interior. Most of the customers’ applications are mainly in the equipment and the small size already has a beautiful shell. There is not much space to install the general display, such as ATM machines, commercial POS, etc. are generally installed in the customer internal to the device.

4. Flip-chip industrial display

To put it simply, it is reverse-installed in the customer's cabinet and equipment. It is an industrial display installed inside the customer's machine equipment. The difference from the open industrial display is that it has a casing and a power supply.

Its edge coincides with the edge of the customer's case. Flip-chip industrial computer monitors are generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as electric power, machinery, and medical industries.

5. Rack-mounted industrial display

Generally speaking, the rack-mounted industrial display for custom rackmount pc is installed on a 19-inch cabinet, so its width is a standard 19 inches, and the installation holes are opened according to the standard U number. It is generally used in large cabinets such as telecom power and large servers.

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