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How to Solve the Problem of Screen Brightness of Industrial Display?

Industrial display is a display device used for industry, there are a variety of display sizes, installation methods, etc. Different from the ordinary display, industrial display can adapt to extreme environment, and its performance is more stable and it can adapt to a wider range industrial computer products.

With the development of information society, people need to obtain all kinds of public information. The development of touch screen shows the trend of specialization, multi-media, three-dimensional and large screen. Therefore, how to solve it when there is a failure? What are the common failures of industrial displays? Let's take a look at it together from Geshem industrial display supplier.

1. The industrial display has a flower screen or a white screen

Problems such as flower screen or white screen are mainly caused by a problem with the driving voltage of the industrial panel computer display. If the driving circuit of the display screen is on the motherboard, it should be the fault of the motherboard.

If the drive circuit of the industrial display is on the LCD screen, the industrial display should be replaced in this case, the risk of maintenance is also high, and the color cast fault can generally be solved by adjusting the maintenance adjustment mode.

2. Industrial display bright line or dark line failure

The problem of bright line or dark line on the screen is generally the fault of the LCD screen of the LCD screen. The fault of the bright line is generally a problem with the cable connecting the LCD screen body, and the dark line is generally the leakage of the screen body.

The above two problems are basically sentenced to death for industrial PC monitors, and there is no maintenance value, because the price of a screen is too high.

3. Other relatively rare faults of industrial displays

In different working modes, industrial displays may also have some interference, but most of them are normal phenomena, including some caused by voltage instability.

Because of the special production process of industrial displays, problems detected in standard operating modes must be identified as faults.

4. Industrial display high voltage abnormality

The industrial display does not light up for a while, but the power indicator light is always on. This kind of problem is mostly caused by abnormal high voltage and belongs to circuit protection action.

In this case, there is usually a display on the industrial display, the method of viewing is "strabismus", and the point of maintenance is to compare the repair method.

Because the design of the high-voltage board of the industrial display is generally a symmetrical design, and the two sides may be damaged at the same time. more.

5. Industrial display machine without electricity

This is actually a very simple fault. Generally, there are two types of industrial display power supplies: internal power supply and external power supply, and the external power supply is more common.

No matter what kind of power supply, its structure is much simpler than that of CRT display power supply, and the vulnerable components are some small components, such as fuses, input inductors, switching tubes, Zener diodes, etc.

A relatively rare fault is that the power supply does not start due to the CPU of the industrial PC motherboard. In fact, the principle of this situation is very simple. It is to pass the keying board to the CPU, and then output a control signal through the CPU to drive the power supply and convert the integrated circuit to work.

The above are the common faults of industrial display screen. For the fault problem of whether the screen will be bright, it is necessary to find out where the problem is in order to solve it correctly. Non-professionals must not disassemble the machine for inspection without permission, so as not to cause greater failures.

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