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How to Choose an Embedded Industrial PC?

An industrial PC is an industrial control computer for industrial use, it is more focused on security and stability in different environments. Actually, the quality of industrial tablets can affect the overall work because of the wide use of industrial pc solutions. Sometimes the use of PCs may cause outdoor use, so the requirements for quality are higher. Regarding the selection of the embedded industrial PC and ordinary computers, there are many similarities. No matter what the reason is, quality should be given more importance, so the method should be seen when choosing.

Selection method of embedded industrial PC

Choose well-known brands

There are many brands of the industrial embedded pc on the market. It is important to choose a large brand with a certain reputation and popularity on the market so that the quality of such products can be guaranteed.

Purchase according to your budget

Naturally, for the selection of industrial equipment, a budget should be made in advance. Therefore, when purchasing an embedded PC industrial, you should combine your budget and choose a moderately priced one. Expensive industrial tablets may not necessarily be better, and cheap products may not necessarily be poor. You should first understand the market trends and then compare prices.

Meet your own needs

The embedded industrial tablets used in different fields and different equipment are different. Therefore, when selecting a product, it should be ensured that it can meet the needs. More attention should be paid to product quality, because only good quality can prolong the service life of the product and save costs to a certain extent.

Components of embedded industrial PC

CPU and memory

For computers, the CPU is like its heart, also known as microprocessors or central processing units, responsible for information and data calculation. The CPU directly affects the running speed of the computer and can be used to determine the performance of the computer. Memory is the bridge between the hard disk and CPU, and the size of memory also affects data exchange. Speed is a relatively important part of the industrial pc.

Hard disk and network card

The hard disk stores data and information for computers, mainly for external data storage. The network card is also called a network adapter, which is a device connected to the Internet and plugged into the motherboard. Actually, the motherboard is an important component of embedded industrial tablets, and the requirements for the quality of the motherboard are also high in order to ensure quality.

Sound card and graphics card

The sound card is a major component of embedded industrial tablets, containing recording and playback of sound. The main function of the graphics card is to process results according to instructions and data provided by the CPU when the program runs, and then convert them to the display to receive different signals and display them on the screen.

Now that you have learned about the industrial embedded pc, you should already know how to choose them. Products from Geshem can give people peace of mind regarding quality and the prices are also reasonable, clearly marked, and will not deceive consumers.

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