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Industrial Display Precautions

How to keep industrial displays intact during transportation? Industrial displays account for a large proportion in the industry. How can we operate them to avoid unnecessary damage?

Handling Procedures for Damaged Industrial Display during Transportation

  • In order to ensure that you receive the anel PC intact, please open the packaging and inspect the goods with the delivery person present.

  • If the goods you receive are damaged due to improper transportation, you have the right to claim compensation from the transportation company. Or keep the goods, packaging materials, and accessories intact and contact the company in a timely manner.

Storage of industrial displays

If you need long-term storage (such as several years) due to some reason, the following methods are recommended:

  • Put it in a polyethylene bag (preferably with an anti-static coating) and seal the bag tightly.

  • Place it in a dark place to avoid strong light.

  • Never put any objects on the surface.

  • Strictly avoid storing it in an environment that exceeds the limit temperature and humidity conditions.

Precautions for industrial displays

Please read the following precautions carefully before use to avoid unnecessary damage!

  • Make sure to unplug the cable with the power off.

  • To ensure the stability and safety of the electrical part, the interval time between each power on and off must not be less than 6 seconds.

  • The LCD screen is a fragile product made of glass; any drops, knocks, and strong vibrations may cause the glass to break; it is forbidden to press the display area of the LCD screen forcefully; do not apply excessive force to the LCD screen and frame during installation; pay attention to the overall flatness of the LCD screen to avoid external forces causing the LCD screen to "bend" or "twist".

  • Since the visual characteristics of panel industrial PC' LCD screens will change due to different angles, when assembling, the appropriate viewing angle of the user should be fully considered to adjust the best viewing angle position of the LCD screen.

  • When using or storing, be careful of the surface polarizing film of the LCD screen to avoid being scratched by hard objects. (It is strictly forbidden to place hard objects on the LCD screen)

  • In the driver circuit of the industrial display, the inverter part carries high voltage. Please avoid contact during operation to avoid unnecessary damage.

Precautions for the control circuit of industrial displays

  • When plugging and unplugging interface connectors, keep them in the same level and parallel direction as the LCD screen.

  • If the panel industrial PC  is placed in the air with oxidizing or reducing gases for a long time, or used in a working environment where reagents, solvents, adhesives, resins, and other gases may be generated, it may corrode or discolor the LCD module; please choose the usage environment reasonably.

  • Do not place the module with a protective film in a high-temperature environment, otherwise, the protective film may stick to the surface of the module and affect its appearance when peeled off.

  • During operation (including when it is taken out of the packaging box), do not pull the backlight wire forcefully to avoid damaging the wire.

  • It is recommended that the operator wear anti-static clothing and wear grounding wristbands when coming into contact with the LCD module as much as possible.

  • The external leads of the LCD module are not allowed to be connected incorrectly, otherwise, it may cause overcurrent, overvoltage, etc., and damage the module device.

  • When the module is connected to the power supply and disconnected, the signal voltage can only be input after the positive power supply (5±0.25V) is stably connected. If the signal voltage is input before the power supply is stable or after it is disconnected, it may damage the IC circuit of the module.

  • Pressing the display area with force may cause abnormal display. Please disconnect the power supply and wait for a moment, and then turn it on again to resume normal operation.

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