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Application of Panel Industrial PC on Highways

With the continuous development of the country's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of highways is increasing, and the development of information technology is becoming more and more powerful. The electromechanical system of highways is divided into six systems: communication system, toll system, monitoring system, low-voltage power distribution system, lighting system, etc. Among them, the monitoring, communication, and toll systems are synchronous and coordinated in development. Therefore, using industrial computers for full-automatic control of highways has become the current trend. So, how is the panel industrial PC applied in the highway? Today, Geshem panel pc manufacturer will explore the application of the panel industrial PC in the highways.

Application of panel industrial PC in the toll system

The toll system of highways has gone through three periods: manual tolls, computer tolls, and ETC. During the period of computer tolls, industrial pc solutions was used. At first, large screen, such as 15 inches, 19 inches, 21 inches, and other 4U high standard universal hosts were used, which had a large volume. As toll booths have small space and large volume, and some resources are idle, the industrial computer manufacturers are required to launch smaller industrial computers based on market demand. For example, 7-inch industrial computers not only have a small volume but also further improve the utilization of resources.

If the application of industrial computers tends to miniaturization during the period of computer tolls, it will tend to integration and specialization in the ETC period. Industrial computers, lane control, and other equipment will be integrated, but due to the lack of uniform standards for ETC, system integrators are independent and incompatible with each other. However, if the relevant departments of the state can formulate industry standards and interface standards as soon as possible, the national highways will eventually become a network, and non-stop toll collection with one card will be truly realized.

Application of panel industrial PC in the monitoring system

Nowadays, the monitoring of highways mainly consists of toll monitoring and traffic monitoring. There are three modes: analog video CCTV, network DVR, and digital DVR. During the CCTV monitoring period, only CCTV and video recorders were used for monitoring and recording, which were completely manually operated. With the development and application of digital video technology, system integrators use the industrial pc touch panel, video capture cards, and video compression cards with strong scalability and long-term stable operation to form DVR systems and lane control instruments for detection. When the car detector needs to capture images, the system can automatically capture and record images.

In this period, the type of industrial computers used also becomes smaller, but the monitoring is only limited to the monitoring of toll stations, and the other monitoring or information systems of the entire highway are not integrated. With the development of network technology and the application and requirements of ITS, panel industrial PC manufacturers integrate high-performance LAN on the CPU card, so that system integrators can share and fully utilize all resource systems through networking. After analyzing and processing the collected traffic information data, the information can be sent to various information terminals through an information release system to realize real-time traffic control and guidance, thus improving the smooth and unblocked flow of the road. From the development of monitoring and toll systems, the application trend of industrial computers in highway electromechanical systems is gradually miniaturized, and ultimately, some products will be integrated with the shrinkage of industry gaps and the unification of standards.

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