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The Difference Between Industrial Computer And Ordinary Computer

As we all know, industrial computer is actually a kind of computer, but it is dedicated to industrial control and is also a computer specially designed for industrial control.

Although they all belong to computers and have roughly the same basic configuration, such as motherboard, CPU, memory, various peripheral serial and parallel ports, their technical requirements are different due to different applications. Ordinary home or office computers are civil grade, while industrial computers are industrial grade. They have special requirements for other aspects of the structure.

The Difference Of Appearance Between Industrial Computer And Ordinary Computer

From the appearance, most ordinary computers are open, showing many heat sinks, and only one power fan radiates heat from the machine to the outside of the chassis. The industrial pc solutions are completely closed and much heavier than the ordinary computer case, indicating that the industrial pc motherboard is thicker and thicker because it is more solid. There is not only a power supply fan, but also an internal blower to keep the positive pressure in the chassis higher. In this way, the external structure can prevent dust and shield electromagnetic interference to the inside. Ordinary computers usually have only one motherboard with standard configuration components, such as CPU socket and memory socket. Others, such as a stand-alone graphics card, are inserted into the expansion slot on the motherboard.

The Difference Of Motherboard Between Industrial Computer And Ordinary Computer

Now most are PCI slots. Industrial computers are different. It has a larger motherboard, also known as a passive motherboard. There are not many integrated circuits on the board, only more expansion slots. The main board with CPU shall be inserted into the special slot on the motherboard. Other expansion boards should also be plugged into the slot, not the main board. This advantage is that the motherboard can better shield external interference. Because the working environment of industrial computer is sometimes worse and more interference, the main analysis can work more reliably, and the large motherboard is easier to expand other plug-ins. In this way, designers can have more choices when developing systems without considering whether there is room to put them down.

The Difference Of Power Supply Between Industrial Computer And Ordinary Computer

In terms of power supply, the power supply of a conventional industrial computer is different from an ordinary power supply. The resistances, capacitors and coils used in the power supply are several levels higher than those of ordinary households in terms of shock resistance and anti-interference. The carrying capacity is also much greater. The CPU and memory of an industrial computer without a fan are integrated on the motherboard. It uses laptop hard drives, but also CF cards and SSDs. The power supply generally uses 5-30V DC power supply. Industrial computers have a wide range of applications. Inserting the motion control card into the industrial computer slot can control the stepper or servo motor system, such as glue dispenser, winding machine, visual printing machine, pick and place machine, PCB inspection machine, fast and slow line machine, laser cutting machine, engraving machine and other equipment. It can also communicate with industrial computer through serial port, RJ45 interface and PLC module. For example, Nitto's reflow soldering machine adopts Dalian-controlled PLC series PEC and TAC6000 temperature control module to control the industrial computer, and display the operation interface, temperature curve and temperature setting through the display. Industrial computers are also used in building intelligence, security control, fire and alarm, highways and other fields.

Industrial computers are mainly used in a certain professional field, such as common monitoring machines. So the configuration is based on simplicity and stability. Many more industrial computers use dedicated chips and motherboards, like the so-called single-chip microcomputer chip. The ordinary computer is mainly a comprehensive application, and its configuration is mainly scalable and multi-functional.

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