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How to Maintain an Industrial Display?

Industrial displays are like the computers we use in our daily lives, they require regular maintenance, and maintaining them also requires skills. Here are 5 tips for maintaining industrial displays!

Avoid internal burnout of the industrial display screen

When not in use for a long time, you should turn off the industrial computer display or reduce the brightness of the display. Otherwise, prolonged high-brightness display can easily lead to internal burnout or aging, and once this damage occurs, it needs a "major surgery" to recover. In addition, displaying a fixed content continuously for a long time can also cause LCD pixels to overheat, causing inevitable loss.

Pay attention to maintaining the humidity of the industrial display

Generally, industrial display monitor that maintain a humidity of 30% to 80% can work normally. However, once the indoor humidity exceeds 80%, condensation is likely to occur inside the display. The internal power transformers and other coils are prone to current leakage after being damp, and even may cause wire short circuits; the high-voltage parts of the display are prone to discharge; internal components are prone to rust and corrosion, and in severe cases, the circuit board may short circuit. Therefore, the display must pay attention to moisture-proofing. For unused displays, they can be powered on periodically for a period of time to drive the moisture out with the heat generated by the industrial computer display. Also, do not let anything moist enter the display. If fog is found, use a soft cloth to wipe it off before turning on the power. If moisture has already entered the display, it must be placed in a stable and higher place to evaporate the water and organic compounds inside. Applying power to a LCD with humidity can cause corrosion of the LCD electrodes and result in permanent damage.

Properly clean the surface of the industrial display

If you find stains on the surface of the industrial computer display, you can gently wipe them off with a soft cloth dampened with a little water, but do not directly pour water onto the screen, as water entering the LCD will cause a short circuit. Make sure the LCD display is turned off first. The methods for cleaning the screen are:

  • Wipe the screen with a clean, soft, non-lint cloth to remove dust and other particles.

  • If it is very dirty, you can pour a small amount of glass cleaner without nitrogen or alcohol onto the cloth and then wipe it.

  • Avoid impact. The LCD screen is very fragile, so avoid strong impacts and vibrations. The LCD contains many glass components, and dropping it on the floor or any similar strong impact can cause damage to the LCD screen and other units. Also, do not apply pressure to the LCD display surface.

  • Do not disassemble it yourself. Even after being turned off for a long time, the CFL inverter in the backlight module may still have a high voltage of about 1000V, which can cause personal injury. Therefore, never attempt to disassemble or modify the LCD display. In addition, unauthorized repairs and changes may cause the display to not work. Therefore, please contact professional personnel for maintenance of industrial displays.

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