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Requirements for the Application of Industrial Vehicle Computers

In order to meet the needs of the automotive industry, customized industrial vehicle computers must meet strict requirements. Industrial tablet computers have been widely used in the automotive industry, undertaking key functions such as data support, vehicle information integration, and operation records, making their design and performance requirements particularly important. Next, we will explore the main requirements that customized industrial vehicle computers need to meet.

Installation and Maintenance Requirements

In the diverse usage environments of vehicles,industrial vehicle computers need to have good installation adaptability. Supporting VESA75/100 standards and RAM mounting devices can adapt to different vehicle models and installation scenarios, ensuring stable and reliable installation.

Display Performance Requirements

Considering the special environment of outdoor vehicle use, industrial vehicle computers need to choose high-quality industrial displays or designs to resist sun exposure and direct light, minimizing visual impact.

Shock Resistance Requirements

Vibrations are inevitable during vehicle travel; hence, industrial vehicle computers must have excellent shock resistance to operate stably in high vibration and various acceleration environments.

Power Adaptability Requirements

Industrial vehicle computers are usually powered by vehicle batteries and must be able to cope with state changes such as vehicle ignition and shutdown, with high power handling capabilities to ensure stable operation and avoid equipment damage due to power issues.

Thermal Design Requirements

To avoid external dust and wind, industrial vehicle computers need to adopt a fully sealed thermal design to ensure effective heat dissipation under various climatic conditions, improving work efficiency and lifespan of the equipment.

Environmental Adaptability Requirements

China's vast regions have varying climatic conditions, industrial vehicle computers must be able to operate normally under extreme temperatures, ranging from minus twenty degrees Celsius to sixty degrees Celsius, ensuring stable performance.

Electromagnetic Interference Requirements

Special vehicles such as police and medical vehicles have strict requirements for electromagnetic interference. Industrial vehicle computers must pass relevant certifications to ensure electromagnetic compatibility, avoiding interference with other equipment.

Protection Level Requirements

To cope with inevitable rain and dust, industrial vehicle computers must reach a certain IP level to ensure safe operation and long-term use of the equipment under harsh weather conditions.

Interface Stability Requirements

Industrial vehicle computers interface design should be firm and reliable to prevent malfunctions caused by looseness or poor contact, ensuring system stability and continuous operation.

By meeting the above stringent requirements, Geshem provides users with customized industrial vehicle computer services. Whether in model selection, system customization, installation methods, and other aspects, we can provide professional support and solutions for customers.

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