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How to Judge the Quality of Industrial PC Motherboard?

The industrial PC is mainly used on industrial occasions. According to needs, it can adapt to the complex on-site environments, long-term high-load work, etc.

With the development of industrial pc solutions, good performance of IPC is becoming more and more important, and all of these are depended on the quality of CPU, industrial PC motherboard and interface configuration, etc. Among them, the industrial PC motherboard plays a decisive role, so how to judge the quality of the industrial PC motherboard?

1. Materials of the industrial PC motherboard

The number of CPU power supply phases is one of the important indicators of the industrial PC motherboard. In general, the more phases are, the greater the power supply is. At the same time, the power supply current will be relatively stable and the voltage fluctuation will be relatively small.

At the same time, the more power supply phases are, the more inductors are. So capacitors and Mosfets tubes need to be used, and the higher the cost is. In addition, the capacitance and inductance used by the industrial PC motherboard are different. Their performance will be different in actual use.

Identifying the levels of various capacitors and inductances is a complex system project. The easiest way is to judge by appearance. Whether the quality of the industrial PC motherboard adopts all-solid capacitors has become the criterion for judging by capacitors.

But it is not absolute. Because except for the parts with high current and high heat generation such as the CPU power supply, it is not necessary to use solid capacitors in other parts of the industrial PC motherboard and there is no need to pursue the use of all solid capacitors.

Instead, choose a more expensive industrial PC motherboard. Unless the price difference is too big and it is worth the money, it will be the criterion for judging whether the quality of the industrial PC motherboard adopts closed inductance according to the sensor.

2. The process of the industrial PC motherboard

A good production process is necessary for the industrial PC motherboard. The industrial motherboard production line mainly includes SMT (surface mount technology) equipment and plug-in assembly lines.

Users can have a good initial impression of the production process and production management level of an industrial motherboard manufacturer in terms of the surface finishing of industrial backplanes and full solder joints. The pros and cons of welding technology are the best reflections of the manufacturing process level of the industrial bottom plate.

3. Industrial PC motherboard is easy to use

Simple to use means that the layout of the industrial PC motherboard is simple and convenient, such as whether the design of PCIe slot lock, SATA interface, power supply slot, etc. is reasonable and whether it will affect future use.

As far as the layout of an industrial PC motherboard is concerned, it is not that there are no interfaces, and the more extension slots, the better the industrial PC motherboard. The industrial PC motherboard that suits you is the best.

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