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Industrial Tablet Computer: Cheapest Is Not Always the Best

With the increasing popularity of industrial tablet computer in the market, various industrial tablets have appeared, causing serious troubles for people's choices. This has led many corporate procurement personnel to focus only on the price of industrial tablet computer, rather than paying too much attention to the products themselves. This is a serious mistake, as industrial tablet computer requires very high performance due to their harsh industrial environment, so choosing a cheap industrial tablet computer is not better.

Brightness of the industrial tablet computer

The brightness of normal industrial tablets is around 250-300cd/m2 in indoor environments and can be read under sunlight. If used outdoors, the brightness demand is usually very high, which typically requires 500-1000cd/m2.

Color of the industrial tablet computer

AS for industrial computer application, when color expression is more important than text and numbers, measuring color as a percentage of saturation contrast is very important. Currently, the color saturation of LCD products depends mainly on backlighting. CCF is currently a very popular application technology, which usually achieves 70%-80% color saturation. If approaching full color saturation, LED technology is usually used for backlighting.

Contrast of the industrial tablet computer

As users may not be watching at an ideal distance and under the best lighting conditions, LCD panels with higher contrast are the better choice. Usually, for industrial applications, a contrast ratio of 450:1 or higher is preferred.

Viewing Angle of the industrial panel computer

When multiple people may be watching at the same time, industrial LCD panels are required to have a larger viewing angle than ordinary LCD panels, with the maximum viewing angle for industrial-grade requirements being (H)150/(V)145 or higher.

Response Time of the industrial panel computer

Currently, the response time of consumer computers is less than 30ms, but in industrial applications, users require the ability to sense motion in dynamic environments, usually with a response time of less than 10ms.

Durability and Backlight Lifespan of the industrial panel computer

In industrial application, due to environmental influence and continuous use, the lifespan of CCF (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) is about 40,000 hours. There is a need for usability to ensure the minimization and simplification of faults and maintenance time and the maximization of usage.

Industrial tablets for manufacturing have quickly occupied a certain market with their good crush resistance, quick and convenient installation operation, and beautiful appearance. By understanding these standards, you can make better choices when choosing the industrial tablet.

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