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Avoid These Pitfalls When Choosing Industrial PC

industrial PC system are one of the key elements that determine the success or failure of industrial digital transformation projects as they serve as intelligent control terminals for modern production. Before learning about industrial tablet selection knowledge, let's first understand the current supply and demand situation in the industrial tablet market. Nowadays, with the rising tide of industrial Internet reform, enterprises of all kinds have an increasing demand for industrial PC . As the industrial control industry continues to grow, there is an abundance of industrial tablet products available on the market. In the current market situation where supply outweighs demand, the selection of Industrial PC has become a concern for many enterprises.

Four Performance Choices of Industrial PC

The selection logic of all industrial tablets should be based on the most basic usage requirements, such as the industry being applied, the type of work tasks being performed, and the actual working environment conditions. Then, suitable industrial tablets should be selected based on four aspects: mechanical parameters, physical performance, display performance, and processing performance.

Mechanical Parameters

This generally refers to the size specifications (including the embedded installation aperture size), body material, appearance color, and installation method of industrial computer systems. In different work environments, the installation location and space dimensions vary. Before selecting industrial PC system, you must first accurately measure the installation conditions of your work site and communicate with the manufacturer to avoid the embarrassment of being unable to install after receiving the product.

Physical Performance

Here, it refers to the performance of industrial PC system in terms of dustproofing, waterproofing, shock resistance, and heat dissipation. Due to differences in work environments, the physical performance of Industrial PC also differs from that of ordinary commercial computers. If your industrial site has a lot of dust, water vapor, vibration, and other interference factors, and has relatively high requirements for heat dissipation, it is recommended to choose a dustproof and waterproof industrial tablet with a high level of integration and a fanless heat dissipation structure.

Display Performance

This refers to the resolution, color, brightness, backlight life, and other aspects of the industrial computer system. These aspects should be considered based on the requirements of image quality display and the lighting environment on-site. If it is an indoor environment, the resolution, color, and brightness only need to meet the basic performance requirements of calculations/images.

Processing Performance

This is the core performance of industrial tablets. It is actually the selection of the core module, such as which CPU to use, how much running memory to equip, how much capacity of hard disk storage to configure, which version of the operating system to install, and which I/O interfaces to expand. They all must be determined according to the requirements of the software or program's operating environment.

What misconceptions need to be avoided in the process of selecting Industrial PC?

  • Blind pursuit of high configuration stacking. The most important aspect of Industrial PC is stability. In many cases, regular configurations can meet the requirements of work tasks. Excessive configuration stacking not only wastes resources but also leads to excessive energy consumption.

  • Only focusing on the lowest price. This is another extreme case. Many enterprises choose Industrial PC and excessively pursue low prices, which can easily result in buying refurbished machines, causing more harm than good.

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