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Application Of Industrial Control PC In Medical Field

With the application of computer technology in all fields of society, computers are playing a more and more important role in all aspects of people's work, study and life. As the continuous expansion and improvement of the computer application field. Except for computers in industrial manufacturing, there are computers have been widely used in the field of medical and health care, which has greatly improved the management efficiency of all kinds of information and made the overall operation of the hospital more orderly and efficient.

In the past, the classified placement of drugs in hospital pharmacies was mainly completed by human work. Due to the wide variety of drugs, it is easy to have problems such as disorderly placement, lax storage and unable to track the number information in real time, which is easy to cause hidden safety problems such as drug abuse, overstock, expiration and high error rate. This puts special drugs in a dilemma in strict management and convenient use, and virtually increases the pressure on pharmacies.

How are industrial computers applied to the medical industry?

At present, Internet of things technology can be used to collect all kinds of needed information. Its purpose is to connect all items with the network and facilitate identification and management. It has the ability to combine sensors and intelligent processing, and can implement intelligent control of objects. The intelligent medicine cabinet controlled by industrial PC can not only strictly monitor and store the hospital drugs, but also quickly transfer, trace and locate the drugs in the cabinet, nondestructive authenticity identification and detection and intelligent management, so as to improve the comprehensive level of hospital pharmaceutical management and ensure the drug safety of patients.

The intelligent medicine cabinet adopts the combination of fingerprint lock and electronic password phase-locked, with double locks and double openings for two people to ensure security; Through the industrial PC solutions, it is seamlessly connected with the hospital his system: touch screen operation, synchronous receipt of prescription information and information management of stored goods; Industrial PC with camera can take real-time photos and realize real-time monitoring; The scheme of industrial control all-in-one machine and the cooperation of highly integrated dispensing management and clinical information data interaction system can improve the work efficiency of medical personnel, ensure the accuracy of data, strictly control special drugs, improve the intelligent level of medical equipment and realize the modern medical system.

Medical Panel PC Product Features

1. Front panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof design with embedded installation;

2. Fan free design and large area fin heat dissipation which can maintain 24-hour uninterrupted stable operation in harsh environment;

3. Geshemtech panel pc manufacturer offer highly sensitive ten point touch industrial capacitor screen with good human-computer interaction;

4. Rich I / 0 interfaces;

5. Strong anti-interference and filtering function;

6. Intel low-power CPU for low-power operation of the whole machine. Energy saving and environmental protection.

With the continuous promotion of medical reform and separation of medicine, the improvement of hospital drug logistics mode and informatization, the use of rackmount custom industrial computers and rugged tablet manufacturing has become an inevitable trend to improve medical quality and ensure safety. As one of the important application scenarios of industrial PC, smart medicine will greatly improve the management efficiency of modern hospitals.

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