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What Kind of PDA Do I Need to Use in the Parking Charging Scenario?

With the development of science and technology, the world has become a world where everything is interconnected. The emergence of the Internet of Things has brought new technological updates. As a smart device, PDAs are designed to improve the efficiency of industrial management and reduce the burden on enterprises.

As a smart device, the handheld computer has a wide range of application fields and scenarios. Today, let us talk about what kind of handheld computer is needed for the parking charging scene?

Parking charges are a scene that can be seen everywhere in our daily travel, but with the rapid development of the economy, cars have become an essential means of transportation for urban families.

The explosive growth of vehicles has brought a series of urban problems to the city, such as traffic congestion, air pollution, parking difficulties and other problems.

1. The PDA needs to be able to recognize the license plate

Each license plate is a specific "ID card" for each car, so by scanning the license plate, the handheld terminal PDA can obtain the information recorded on the vehicle and the owner in time.

Ordinary handheld computers can only scan one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, which is far from enough for parking charges.

2. The handheld computer needs to be able to print receipts

In addition to the important function of recognizing the license plate, the palmtop computer is also very important to print the receipt. The staff can charge the car owner with the palmtop computer with integrated printing, which is convenient and quick, and the printed receipt can be delivered to the car owner immediately.

Especially for on-street parking charges, industrial handheld receipts are now more efficient than traditional manual invoices.

3. Pocket PCs need to have three defense levels

Most of the parking charges for PDA industrial are used in outdoor road scenarios. Different from general application scenarios, road parking charges are also affected by factors such as changing weather.

It is for this reason that parking charges also have certain requirements for the three-proof level of industrial handheld computers.

4. Handheld computers need good battery life

Battery life is also another indicator that needs to be considered for parking charging PDAs. Considering the factors of outdoor work and the difficulty of charging PDAs, a suitable PDA needs to have sufficient power to maintain its running needs.

At the same time, the handheld computer also needs to provide a variety of charging methods, so that the handheld computer can be charged in time when necessary.

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