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10-Inch Rugged Z8350 Tablet Applications for Industries and Scenarios

Rugged Z8350 Tablet is resistant to shock, drops, and has a waterproof rating of IP67, making it usable in various harsh environments.

Z8350 Tablet Application Industries

Surveying and Navigation, Manufacturing (MES Systems), Mining and Petroleum Exploration, Equipment Maintenance, Automotive Testing and Diagnostics, Police Traffic Patrol, Dock and Ship Services, Medical Examinations, Military Industry, Forklift, Shipboard, Agricultural Vehicle Terminals, Special Vehicle Engineering Terminals, Mining Operation Vehicle Terminals, Driving Test Z8350 Tablet, Driving Test Terminals

Z8350 Tablet Application Scenarios

Barcode Scanning/QR Code Recognition

Z8350 Tablet can embed one-dimensional and two-dimensional scanning modules for fast data collection. Industries like express logistics, warehouse management, retail, and healthcare have a common characteristic of needing frequent item information entry for unified management. This can be through scanning one-dimensional barcodes or QR codes. To improve data collection efficiency, hardware decoding technology is used, where the module's own chip performs decoding calculations. The benefits are high efficiency, low power consumption, and low thermal power consumption (reducing heat).

NFC Reading and Writing

Z8350 Tablet includes NFC functionality, transforming it into a financial payment tablet, attendance punching machine, and otherNFC readers.

High Brightness Screen

Z8350 Tablet can achieve visibility under strong outdoor light conditions by increasing the screen brightness and adding anti-reflection film. It is a useful tool for certain outdoor applications. Even some outdoor enthusiasts have started using the high-brightness series of Z8350 Tablet.

Low Temperature Operation/High Temperature Operation

In daily life, we sometimes find that iPhones won't turn on in Northern winters, and iPads frequently freeze in the hot summer. In special scenarios, low and high temperatures are normal, such as in ice warehouses and outdoor scenes in tropical regions. This requires components that can withstand high and low temperatures. Z8350 Tablet demands all materials from inside out to endure high and low temperatures, ensuring the operating temperature range of the entire machine is at least-20~60℃, and the storage temperature range is at least-30~70℃.

Aviation Plug/PCIE Interface/Serial Port

Z8350 Tablet can be configured with various interfaces. In addition to common ones like USB, Tape-C, HDMI, it also supports more specialized aviation plugs, PCIE interfaces, RS232/RS485 serial ports, etc. Due to the various interfaces and protocols in the industry application field, different terminal devices may use different interfaces, which requires the control terminal to have strong adaptability and a rich configuration of interfaces.

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