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What Are the Technical Requirements for the Vehicle-mounted Computer?

The vehicle-mounted computer is a special vehicle information product developed specifically for the special operating environment of the car and the characteristics of the electrical circuit, which is a highly integrated vehicle multimedia entertainment information center.

Ⅰ. The vehicle mounted computer can realize all the functions of a home computer

The vehicle mounted computer supports in-vehicle Internet access, audio-visual entertainment, satellite positioning, voice navigation, games, telephone and other functions, and can also realize specific functions such as visual reversing and fault detection. Its main functions include vehicle-mounted all-round multimedia entertainment, GPS satellite navigation, professional diagnosis of vehicle information and faults, and mobile office and industry applications. Top models such as BMW and Audi abroad are equipped with similar intelligent vehicle systems.

Ⅱ. Technical requirements of vehicle-mounted computer

Vehicle mount PC, especially for special vehicles, has many general functional requirements. In addition to the commonly seen serial ports, USB, and network ports, they are particularly sensitive to the following specification requirements.

1. Anti-seismic requirements: Needless to say, the vehicle environment, no matter any vehicle has vibration, according to the object of use, there are high acceleration and large amplitude, low acceleration and small amplitude.

2. Display requirements: Since the vehicle is used outdoors, the vehicle mount PC cannot avoid the sun's deflection or even direct exposure to the environment. The impact of this situation needs to be minimized by choosing a high-quality display or structural design.

3. Power supply performance: The vehicle mount computer generally draws power directly from the on-board battery. Due to the different usage states of various batteries and the instantaneous impact of ignition and flameout, the requirements for the power supply of the cooperating equipment are very high. Otherwise, it is very easy to damage the equipment.

4. Wide temperature requirements: Most of China is located in subtropical and temperate regions, with a vast territory, and the temperature environment of vehicles is extreme, from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius. This is a test for vehicle equipment.

5. Electromagnetic interference: It is impossible to use only one electrical equipment for special vehicles, especially police and medical vehicles. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation will cause serious interference to other equipment, such as digital radio stations, medical high-precision physical sign monitoring, etc.

6. Function keys: With function keys, it can bring great convenience and improve use efficiency in an unstable car environment.

As one of the benefits that industrial pc solutions have brought, we should not ignore the common sense of its maintenance during daily use while enjoying the powerful functions of the vehicle-mounted computer. Especially for those owners of vehicle-mounted computers, this kind of maintenance awareness should be strengthened. When overhauling the vehicle, once the ignition switch is turned on, no matter whether the engine is running or not, do not disconnect any wire at will. Because at the moment the wire is disconnected, the self-inductance of the coil will generate a high instantaneous voltage, which can easily damage the computer and the sensor. At the same time, high-impedance digital test meters should be used as much as possible during the test. It is forbidden to use test lights to test any electrical devices connected to the computer, so as not to damage the computer and sensors. In addition, the arrangement of items in the car and the environment in which the vehicle is located will also have a certain impact on the vehicle-mounted computer. For example, objects with a strong magnetic field should not be close to the vehicle-mounted computer, otherwise it will damage its components or lines, such as speakers, tape recorders, heaters, etc., should be installed as far away from the computer as possible. When the environment is relatively humid, if the computer is affected by moisture, the circuit and components are easily damaged. Therefore, if the car owner washes the vehicle, he should be very careful to avoid water entering the computer. If you find water leakage at the place where the computer is installed, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

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