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Where Can Reinforced Explosion-proof Industrial Computer be Used?

With the rapid development of industrial production in recent years, structurally reinforced all-in-one computers, such as flat-panel computers in industry, have been widely used in industrial production. Almost every industrial panel pc manufacturer in the manufacturing industry has entered a period of high-speed growth of improvement and upgradation, so there are relatively many industries that use structurally reinforced computers. However, many people only understand industrial structural reinforcement computers, but they don't know which computer is used in which manufacturing industry. Below, let's take a look at where structurally reinforced explosion-proof computers in industry are generally used!

Structurally reinforced explosion-proof industrial computer is used in the drilling and manufacturing industry

It is well known that drilling and manufacturing industries belong to the type of manufacturing industry with relatively high danger coefficient. Therefore, this type of manufacturing industry has higher requirements for electronic computers. First of all, the commodity explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and system software is stable. Usually, it is necessary for the video monitoring system to adopt a redundant backup system (including software redundancy and hardware redundancy).

The control system software runs independently on the structurally reinforced explosion-proof flat-panel industrial computer. Each structurally reinforced explosion-proof flat-panel all-in-one computer has an independent channel to communicate with PLC. Through the management LAN of the platform, the daily production statistics data and the historical production statistics data for a period of time can be summarized and transmitted to the enterprise production management department on the land, so that the management department can control the production situation of the platform in real time and adjust the future production plan in a timely manner.

Structurally reinforced explosion-proof industrial computer is used in the wind power generation manufacturing industry

With the coming of the era of environmental pollution, many countries are vigorously developing and designing some new eco-friendly energy sources for people to apply. Among them, the most successful is wind power generation. However, the vast majority of wind power plants are located in deserts or coastlines.

In order to ensure that the generator operates stably in harsh environments such as deserts, salt spray, vibration, overheating, or electrical noise, the generator's preventive diagnosis function seems to be very important, so on-site operators will seriously perform daily checks. The time periodicity of daily inspection is crucial. It requires employees to record actual operational statistics data and send the statistical data to the backend data center network server at the first time, which conducts data statistics and analysis and actively monitors the software status of the generator system. In the wind farm, on-site operators can use these special kinds of computers in industrial manufacturing to establish stable and convenient connections with the data center, enabling data transmission and communication. This not only reduces the labor capital in each work field but also saves time and costs.

Although ordinary structurally reinforced computers all require IP65 protection level and the like, in fact, this is only the most basic structurally reinforced industrial computer; and structurally reinforced computers are not as simple as we thought, which is only about the reinforcement of the shell. The material and design structure of industrial tablet computer with structurally reinforced are different from most commercial computers that people use, so the technical content and commercial computer technology are slightly higher, which makes the price relatively expensive. The high price makes many people who look forward to having a structurally reinforced computer hesitate. However, with the continuous emergence of customized manufacturers, the monopoly has been broken, so the price of structurally reinforced computers is constantly decreasing now! For individuals who want to own a structurally reinforced industrial tablet computer, choosing customized manufacturers is undoubtedly more practical.

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