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The Difference Between Industrial Tablet and Ordinary Tablet

Ⅰ. What is the difference between an industrial tablet computer and an ordinary tablet computer?

The industrial panel computer is an industrial control computer specially designed for industrial use, and its basic performance and compatibility are almost the same as those of commercial computers.

However, panel industrial PCs focus more on safety performance and stable performance in different environments, and provide solutions for human-machine interface and production process control.

Different from ordinary tablet PCs, industrial panel computer has the characteristics of sturdiness, shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistance, multi-slot and easy expansion according to the characteristics of the environment.

Panel industrial PCs are various other application platforms in the fields of traffic control, industrial control, environmental control and automation.

Industrial tablet PCs are mostly used in the industrial world, and they often have to run in special environments or be turned on for a long time without interruption, such as production line automation equipment, telecommunications room data switches, enterprise network security servers, monitoring equipment, navigation systems, etc.

It must operate continuously and stably for a long time without interruption, otherwise it will cause losses, so we will also have very strict requirements on the stability of the industrial tablet computer system used. The industrial tablet computer and ordinary tablet computer have the following differences:

1. The operating environment temperature is different: the operating temperature of the industrial tablet computer can be between -10°C and 60°C; while the business tablet computer can only work between 10°C and 40°C.

2. The electronic components are different: the accessories used in industrial tablet computers are all industrial grade, and the stability is better, while the accessories used in business tablet computers are all business grade, and the stability is not as good as that of industrial tablet computers.

3. Different places of use: The use environment of industrial tablet computers is relatively harsh, and must be dust-proof, waterproof, and shock-proof, and must have three-proof grade certification; while business tablets are used in business environments, there are no special requirements for three-proof.

4. Different interfaces and slots: Panel industrial PCs can have a wealth of external serial ports, network ports, etc.

Industrial tablet PCs are as rich in interfaces as most industrial computer motherboards, and can be connected to various external devices. They are mainly used for data transmission in self-service terminals, intelligent road monitoring, medical equipment and other industries, while business tablet PCs have only one external charging port.

5. Different service life: The service life of industrial PC tablet is longer.

Ⅱ. The main application areas of industrial tablet computers

1. The digital hospital can be used as a bedside service terminal and an outpatient terminal to improve the service and management level of the hospital.

2. It is used in telecommunications, national defense, automation equipment, electric power, multimedia, manufacturing and other fields, and is used as human-machine interface, client, PLC and POS and other communication and control terminals.

3. The high-end community is used as a home service terminal to realize cost inquiry, commodity ordering, intercom, message, household appliance management, temperature and humidity control, etc.

4. Industrial tablet computers are used in media (advertising) players or query terminals in public places such as railway stations, buses, subway stations, banks, shopping malls, hotels, parks, etc.

5. The industrial site can be embedded in the machine, the cabinet or placed on the operating table to be a man-machine display operation interface.

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