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Seven Things to Consider when Choosing an Industrial Panel PC

Industrial tablet computers have gradually become industrial computers and industrial control computers, and have been widely used in self-service terminals, medical care, transportation, power, networking, finance and industrial control.

With the mining of the needs of different industries, the demand for industrial tablet computers is also increasing, and industry-oriented customization has become a new trend of industrial tablet computers. So how to select an industrial panel pc manufacturers? How to choose the right industrial panel PC for you?

Industrial panel PCs usually operate in complex environments and require high data security, and they usually have special designs such as ruggedized, moisture-proof, dust-proof, impact-resistant, and radiation-proof.

1. Protection level of panel industrial PC

Industrial tablet computers are mainly used in complex and harsh operating environments. The device itself must have good three-proof functions, which can be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Basically, industrial tablets for manufacturing are required to meet IP65 dustproof and waterproof standards.

2. Hardware configuration of panel industrial PC

As an overall solution of industrial control computer + screen, compared with the split solution, the industrial panel computer has the advantage of stable performance.

panel industrial PCs require scientific and professional thermal design, while panel industrial PCs focus on the latest CPU technology to enable users to experience better CPU computing/image performance and lower power consumption.

Rich interface functions are also one of the indispensable requirements when choosing an industrial panel PC, so that communication between devices can be realized.

3. Industrial tablet operating system

A good product is not only suitable for Windows and Linux systems, but also needs to increase or decrease the components of the operating system (XPE, WINCE, LINUX, VXWORKS) according to their own application needs in order to integrate well with the software.

4. Working temperature of panel industrial PC

For example, in desert areas and cold areas, industrial tablet computers should be selected according to the working temperature, and high-quality products will be more applicable in this regard.

5. Industrial panel PC display requirements

Brightness (under optimal distance and ideal lighting conditions) is readable in sunlight of 250~300cd/m2, and if used outdoors, the brightness is usually very high, 500~1000cd/m2.

When choosing a customized industrial panel computer, you must choose according to the brightness requirements, which not only makes the industrial panel computer operating experience more comfortable, but also saves power.

In some industrial applications, information represented in color (for example, airborne cloud airflow displays) is more important than text and numbers, and high resolution is even more important.

6. Industrial tablet computer touch effect

Industrial panel PCs usually give up external keyboards and use touch to perform operations, so the touch sensitivity of industrial panel PCs is very important to save operation time.

7. Durability of Industrial Panel PC

The lifespan of an industrial tablet computer should reach more than 5 years, so the raw materials must be strictly screened, the product has high wear resistance and flexibility, excellent texture, and a longer service life. You can read our blog to know more about the difference between industrial tablet and ordinary computer and other knowledge.

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