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Introduction to the Four Major Classifications of Industrial Displays

With the continuous development of IPC technology, industrial computers are increasingly being applied in various industries. They are not only used in the field of industrial control, but also require industrial-grade displays. With the production of displays for the industrial market, they have adopted metal casings, touch screens, and have advantages such as shock resistance and interference resistance, and have been widely used.

Open industrial display

Open industrial displays do not have display panels and rear casings, only internal displays, control boards, power supplies, etc. Most of the applications of these displays are in situations where devices are small and beautiful casings are not available, such as ATMs and commercial POS systems.

Embedded industrial display

Embedded industrial displays are embedded in customers' devices. These devices require large control panels and consoles. Embedded industrial displays only have panels, and the rest are embedded in customers' devices. Other areas do not require installation holes.

Rack-mounted industrial display

Rack-mounted industrial displays are mainly set on 19-inch racks, with a standard width of 19 inches. The mounting holes are opened according to standard U sizes. However, some customers have their own non-standard racks, which need to be designed and produced according to the customer's dimensions.

Wall-mounted industrial display

Wall-mounted industrial displays have mounting threaded holes on the rear casing, and can be hung on walls or installed on customers' devices. The angle can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and with appropriate mounting arms, they can stay in any position as desired.

Inverted industrial display

Inverted industrial displays are installed in customers' devices in an inverted manner, inside the customer's machine. Unlike open displays, they have a casing and power supply. Their edges align with the customer's machine casing edges. They are generally applied in large and medium-sized equipment, such as machinery and power industries.

An industrial display is a display used in industrial control processes or equipment. Its main difference from civilian or commercial displays is the design of the casing, which is generally made of steel. The panel can be made of different materials such as ordinary iron plates, stainless steel, or aluminum panels, with special designs for dust and shock resistance. Industrial-grade LCD screens are used. In cases where environmental requirements are high, wide temperature LCD screens (-40 to 85°C) are considered.

Currently, only a few major industrial panel pc company produce such displays, and they are relatively expensive. The protection level of industrial displays is indicated by an IP** rating, where the first digit represents the dust protection level, and the second digit represents the water protection level. The highest dust protection level is 6, and the highest water protection level is 8.

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