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Introduction to Knowledge Related to Embedded Industrial Tablet

Introduction to embedded industrial flat panel PC related knowledge. Industrial panel computers are products specially designed for the industrial field and can operate reliably in industrial environments as industrial controllers. Common industrial panel computers include box-shaped and fanless models. Industrial tablets have the following characteristics: small size, low price, reliable performance, and fanless structure. In recent years, the development of embedded technology has also promoted the development of embedded industrial tablet, which have been applied in various fields.

Advantages of embedded industrial tablets

  • Miniaturization is one of the main aspects, with a compact design that requires considering external interfaces and reasonable utilization of installation space.

  • The product has good compatibility with the functions of the tested and controlled objects, with a certain degree of expandability, but expansion is not the main purpose, resulting in a high cost-performance ratio.

  • High reliability requirements. In addition to meeting the reliability design of electrical functions, careful consideration should be given to dust-proof and waterproof design, heat dissipation design, anti-vibration design, electromagnetic compatibility design, and other reliability design contents.

  • Low power consumption and fanless design. Due to the miniaturization of the device and limited heat dissipation capacity, and the high requirements of embedded systems, especially in unmanned applications, low power consumption and fanless design have become necessary.

Differences between embedded industrial tablets and general industrial control computers

  • In large-scale system construction, the expandability and network communication capabilities of general industrial control computer systems are difficult to replace for embedded industrial tablets.

  • In scientific calculations, data statistics, process monitoring, visual design, prototype simulation design, and real-time simulation fields, general industrial control computers have inherent advantages.

  • Embedded industrial tablets are often located at the front end of the entire industrial control system, and the upward connection of embedded industrial tablets is often general industrial control computers. General industrial control computers are difficult for industrial tablet pc touch screen to reach in terms of computing power, software resources, and database support.

Applications of embedded industrial tablets

Applications in the petroleum and petrochemical industry

Using RFID technology to achieve automatic, fast, and accurate reading of in and out of exploration collection stations, greatly improves warehouse management efficiency and accuracy.

Applications in the smart home industry

Embedded industrial tablets can be used as high-end communities' home service terminals, providing functions such as intercom, messaging, fee inquiries, product ordering, and household appliance management.

Applications in the pharmaceutical management industry

Using RFID technology to build a drug supply chain information platform, realizing real-time tracking and supervision of drugs in production, distribution, and sales processes.

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