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How Should Industrial Display Companies Choose?

Industrial display is mainly used for industrial uses, there are a variety of display sizes, installation methods, etc. And it can adapt to extreme environments, stable operation, long service life, and so on. Nowadays, industrial displays are widely used in industrial environments. There are touch and non-touch points. Therefore, how to select an industrial display manufacturer? What factors can merchants consider when choosing industrial displays?

1. The use of industrial display materials

Due to the requirements of the use environment, the material of the industrial display case is made of metal and the internal board lines are all industrialized design, which is not easy to age; the embodiment of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection: low energy consumption design, the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Regular appearance, convenient for splicing, combined installation and other industrial needs. On the contrary, the casings of ordinary monitors are all designed with non-metallic materials, and the internal wiring is designed for civilian use. Prolonged power-on will easily cause aging of the components.

2. Image clarity of industrial display

The industrial display has the function of intuitively reflecting the image quality, coupled with the full 1920*1080 resolution for the selection of display equipment in the field of radio and television, the industrial display is the preferred display, and the resolution of the display is the automatic adjustment of the resolution of the display output;

Its high reliability and high-definition display capability will ensure that you can fully display the recorded and edited high-definition video and video signals in front of the viewers. On the contrary, ordinary monitors only support several common TV resolutions specified in the instruction manual, because there are only several resolutions for civilian monitors, and LCDs only need to perform effect processing according to the common resolutions used by civilian users, and special resolutions will cause blurred screens.

3. Industrial display control interface and color reproduction

Industrial display control interface: Industrial display can be controlled by S232 serial port, with more than 200 open control passwords, adapting to various industrial environments. It is convenient to use multiple monitors without using the remote control to control all the display devices, and can assist in various industrial requirements such as timing startup, delayed startup, and machine self-inspection.

4. Industrial display

If the definition is mainly determined by the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the video channel, the degree of restoration is mainly determined by the phases of the chrominance signal and the luminance signal of the three primary colors of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) in the display. Decide.

Since what the monitor observes is usually a static image, the requirements for color reproduction of industrial computer monitors are higher than those of TV sets.

Therefore, the video playback channel of a professional display should have accurate compensation circuits and delay circuits in terms of brightness, chroma processing, and R, G, and B processing, so as to ensure the phase synchronization of bright/color signals and R, G, and B signals.

5. The overall stability of industrial displays

When a monitor constitutes a closed-circuit monitoring system, it usually needs to be continuously powered on 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and the application environment of some monitors may be harsh, which requires higher reliability and stability of the monitor.

Compared with TV sets, in terms of design, the current, power consumption, temperature, anti-electric interference, electric impact capability and speed, and average trouble-free service time of industrial displays are much greater than ordinary displays. At the same time, the display must also use fully shielded metal The shell ensures electromagnetic compatibility and interference performance;

In the selection of components, the withstand voltage, current, temperature, humidity and other characteristics of components used in industrial displays are higher than those used in TV sets;

In terms of installation and debugging, especially the technical requirements for the aging of components and the whole machine, the aging of the whole machine of the industrial display needs to be energized and aged for more than 24 hours on the aging assembly line in a high-temperature, high-humidity sealed environment to ensure the stability of the whole machine.

6. Fanless architecture of industrial displays

The design of a fanless industrial display maintains air circulation and heat dissipation, thereby avoiding dust and fan noise problems caused by mechanical exhaust fans.

When the internal temperature rises due to unknown reasons, the monitor automatically controls the backlight system to keep the temperature below the high operating temperature.

7. Industrial display port

Liquid crystal displays mostly use industrial ports. To sum up, the selection of industrial displays mainly depends on these points, such as the stability of the whole machine, the clarity of images, the degree of color reproduction, the selection of machine materials, the design of ports and control interfaces, and the fan architecture.

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