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Analysis of Differences and Classification Between Industrial Tablet and Commercial Computer

Industrial tablets have been widely used in industry due to their stable performance. They not only have the basic functions of commercial computers, but also have stability and adaptability in an industrial environment. Here is a brief introduction to the application and classification of industrial tablets.

Differences between industrial tablet computer and commercial tablet

Industrial tablet computer is a type of tablet that is different from commercial tablet. Industrial tablet computer has the same performance as common commercial tablet, but differ from commercial tablet in:

  • The components used require higher quality to ensure they can be used in harsh conditions;

  • The lifecycle of industrial tablet computer is longer than that of commercial tablets. Commercial-level motherboards have a lifespan of only half a year to one year, while industrial-level motherboards can reach a lifespan of up to five years;

  • The performance of industrial panel computer is higher than that of commercial tablets, and their stability is particularly good;

  • Protection functions are only seen in industrial panel computer, which must ensure system stability in harsh environments;

  • The working temperature is different. Ordinary commercial motherboards can only be used in an environment between 5-38℃, while industrial-level motherboards can operate steadily between -20 and 60℃.

Industrial tablets are mainly divided into three types

Multi-functional tablets

Multi-functional tablets come with a variety of multimedia devices and interfaces and are suitable for various environmental applications.

Fanless tablets

Fanless tablets use an integrated low-power fanless CPU. It can avoid noise caused by fans and prevent dust from entering the chassis due to the use of fans.

Ultra-thin tablets

Ultra-thin tablets integrate all the functions of ordinary computers in an ultra-thin case. They also have a user-friendly human-computer interaction interface and are particularly suitable for applications in limited spaces. They can provide advanced information terminal or computer platform solutions for POI, multimedia, and medical applications. Additionally, due to their compact ultra-thin design, users can choose a flexible installation method that is compatible with panel type, wall-mounted, VESA standard support arms, etc.

As a professional manufacturer focused on industrial intelligent touch display devices, industrial tablet meets the requirements of the three types of industrial tablet classifications. They not only have high brightness, wide temperature, and wide pressure performance, but also have strong stability and adaptability. They have greater advantages in industrial computer application.

Currently, industrial-grade tablets are mainly used for process control or data acquisition, covering various fields such as telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing, etc. They are suitable for human-machine interface, PLC and POS control terminals, digital hospitals as bedside service and outpatient terminals, and public service areas such as banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subways, parks, etc. It can be foreseen that the market potential of industrial panel computer will be enormous in the future!

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