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What Are the Practical Functions of Industrial PDA?

Industrial PDA is widely used in logistics, warehousing, retail and other industries and has become a powerful tool for realizing intelligent management in all walks of life. With the update and iteration of industrial PDA, its functions are becoming more and more abundant, and it is more and more suitable for the development needs of the industry. So, what are the practical functions of industrial PDA? If you want to find the answer. Let's take a look at it together from Geshem PDA supplier.

1. Industrial handheld computers can inventory objects

The function of inventorying objects can be said to be the initial and most basic function of PDA industrial, and this function runs through almost the entire process of its application scenarios.

The application of inventory items in the logistics and warehousing industries is particularly prominent. Both industries are characterized by a large number of items. The work content of logistics revolves around express distribution and delivery.

The warehousing industry manages the inventory of goods, achieves timely registration, and replaces the traditional manual inventory with the equipment piece-rate entry system, and its work efficiency has been significantly improved.

2. Industrial handheld computers can read and write at long distances

Long-distance reading and writing upgrades the reading and writing distance again from the original ordinary inventory function, which is also commonly known as "ultra-high frequency" reading and writing. The reading and writing distance of this function can reach 8 meters or even 13 meters.

The long-distance reading and writing function can solve the problem of reading and writing labels with a long distance. For some items placed on high shelves, it is very convenient to read and write on a handheld computer. In addition, it is also very beneficial to some outdoor work application scenarios, such as power patrol Inspection and other industries.

3. Industrial handheld computers can read ID cards

The addition of the ID card reading module of the PDA terminal is very important for the management of some public areas, such as the police need to exclude suspects, check the identity of scenic spots, and check documents for hotel accommodation. In these areas, quick verification of ID cards, simplification of procedures, and efficiency are essential.

4. Industrial handheld computers can fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint identification can securely store the information and data of enterprises to prevent theft and abuse. This function is very useful for enterprises that need to keep information confidential, such as the file management industry.

5. Industrial handheld computers can measure infrared temperature

For a society where the epidemic has not yet subsided, infrared temperature measurement is undoubtedly an artifact on the road to epidemic prevention. Many shopping malls and public places need to use temperature measurement equipment to measure the temperature of visitors.

In addition to the above functions, there are many new functions, such as reading the license plate number, scanning the green code and other functions. These functions are specially customized software designed for application scenarios to realize their functions. In general, Industrial handheld computers are constantly advancing with the times and appearing more practical functions.

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