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The Function and Structure of the Car Mount Computer

Ⅰ. What is a car computer?

The car mount computer is a highly integrated in-vehicle multimedia entertainment information center. At present, only BMW, Audi and other top models in various countries are equipped with similar intelligent in-vehicle systems.

Its main functions include in-vehicle all-round multimedia entertainment, the clearest and most detailed GPS satellite navigation, professional diagnosis of car information and faults, and mobile office and industrial applications.

It is installed on the car with the main board, power supply, display screen, etc. as the main difference. The vehicle mount PC has a dedicated application platform software, which is the multimedia information center in the car.

In modern automobiles, it is more and more common to use computer control on many devices of major systems such as engine, chassis, transmission system, motor, safety and comfort.

Ⅱ. The function of the car computer

The car mount computer combines various needs such as navigation, entertainment, and daily business processing, with a small appearance and high integration.

As a new product used in high-end vehicles, the on-board PC realizes five types of functions and has strong scalability: navigation and positioning, network functions, information indication, entertainment functions, and security functions.

The single function of the car as a pure means of transportation is developing towards a multi-functional direction. Loading information technology into the vehicle mount computer has gradually become an important value-added solution for European, American, Japanese and other countries to achieve differentiation and enhance market competitiveness.

From a single radio function to a tape player, CD, VCD, to the emergence of multi-functional integrated products such as DVD, navigation, and Bluetooth that are common in the market today.

The development of infotainment equipment is evolving along the trajectory of multi-function, networking, and intelligence, and is becoming more and more highly integrated.

Ⅲ. The composition of the car computer

1. Reference voltage regulator: Provide a lower voltage to the computer and sensor.

2. Amplifier: Increase the voltage and current of the input signal for computer use.

3. Converter or regulator: use an interface to convert signals for computer execution.

4. Shell: The car computer shell is a metal ground to protect various electronic components.

5. Microprocessor: It is an IC chip, which makes calculations or decisions for the computer.

6. Memory: It is an IC chip, which stores data for the microcomputer.

7. Clock, also known as timing: The IC device generates a certain pulse frequency to tune the function in the computer.

8. Output driver: The power transistor increases the current and makes the actuator function.

9. Printed circuit board: Connect and maintain the positioning of the vehicle mount computer.

10. Socket: actuator and sensor and other connections.

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