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Solutions for Color Cast or Color Spots in Industrial Displays

Presumably everyone should know that whether it is industrial equipment or household machines, there will be more or less failures in the process of use, and the same is true for industrial displays.

When there is a color spot or color cast failure on the industrial display screen, it is necessary to find out what the cause is before the problem can be solved. Then, what are the reasons for such a failure? Let's learn together.

1. The industrial display is subjected to strong vibration or beating during transportation or handling

Although industrial monitors are shipped with shock-absorbing foam and packaging cartons, due to long-distance transportation or brutal loading and unloading, some industrial monitors are often unqualified at one time.

2. There is a strong magnetic field or electric field around the industrial display

How can we find out that this is the cause? Usually, when we find that the newly purchased industrial display is used in the company, no matter how to adjust its position or change the room, there are still partial color spots or color cast.

However, when we brought the industrial display to the computer company, we found that the industrial display can be used normally, which means that there is strong magnetic or strong electrical interference.

At this time, it can only be solved by replacing high-end industrial monitors or industrial liquid crystal monitors with good anti-interference performance. Such problems should be solved within 15 days or after purchase, and should not be raised until several months later.

3. Industrial displays are easily affected by geomagnetism when used in winter

Industrial displays are easily affected by geomagnetism when used in winter, causing color spots and color casts to appear on industrial displays, but they are not faults of industrial displays.

The reason is that in winter, due to the large deviation of the geomagnetic north and south poles from the geographic north and south poles, the geomagnetic changes are more obvious, so the impact is also obvious, and this impact will be significantly weakened or disappeared as long as March and April.

When there are particularly obvious dark blocks or color spots on the screen of the industrial computer monitor, if it cannot be eliminated by frequent degaussing and adjusting the placement direction, it means that the shadow mask inside the industrial monitor is deformed.

This kind of failure is because the internal deformation of the industrial display picture tube cannot be repaired at all, so the only option is to replace the industrial display.

To sum up, these are the three main reasons for the occurrence of color spots or color casts in industrial monitors. It does not mean that all industrial monitors are faulty because of the above three points, and the same is true for industrial tablet computer.

When an industrial display fails, the cause must be checked first. If it still cannot be solved, a professional is required to operate it, or contact the industrial display manufacturer to deal with it.

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