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How to Equip with Industrial PDA?

Information in industrial production is very important, including product information, information completed at each step of production, and personnel information.

In production, all the information should be summarized and stored in a computer equipment, so that the production of the whole enterprise can be followed by rules, and the occurrence of production accidents can also have the information basis of traceability.

The use of industrial PDA in industrial pc solutions can achieve this effect, so how should it be equipped?

Ⅰ. Find professional manufacturers to customize PDA computers and customized usage schemes

The use of industrial PDA does not mean that a person can directly scan with PDA. This can only be a small part of the production information recorded by the operator, and there are many places where information needs to be recorded.

Therefore, we must find professional manufacturers of industrial PDAs to cooperate, so that manufacturers can provide custom industrial computers with better performance, especially reaction performance, better scanning effect, and can clearly identify various bar codes and two-dimensional codes, so as to be convenient to use.

Ⅱ. The formulation of the PDA computer plan should be comprehensive and detailed, and there should be no missing items

In order to make the whole production process of the enterprise well recorded, it is necessary to customize an information recording scheme. PDA manufacturers have rich experience and can also provide a good scheme for the enterprise in this respect.

When purchasing industrial PDAs, enterprises should let manufacturers provide systematic solutions, such as the setting of the Internet of Things, and have a comprehensive understanding of the production process.

PDA scanning process should be added to each link, including scanning the identity bar code of enterprise employees, scanning the products of each worker's corresponding position, etc.

In this way, the production of each product will have a comprehensive information record. If there is a problem with the product, it will be able to know which link and who is responsible, and it will also provide a better guarantee for the production of the enterprise.

Ⅲ. What price is good for industrial PDAs?

As for the advanced equipment such as industrial PDA, in fact, there are still many applications at present, and its price is not particularly expensive, and the level of intelligence is relatively high.

But for many people, they don't know how to choose, and industrial PDA doesn't know which parts to pay attention to. Today, we will reveal the knowledge in this area, which is helpful for everyone to choose and buy industrial PDAs.

1. Price of industrial PDA

At present, the PDA computer price is generally above 1500 yuan. It is not recommended to choose the cheaper ones. The more expensive ones are tens of thousands of dollars. The cheaper ones, such as hundreds of dollars, are not very good.

2. Pay attention to the characteristics of industrial PDA

Generally speaking, good handheld PDAs are characterized by a large high-definition screen and fingerprint lock, which is very convenient.

3. See whether to support customization

Because at present, some enterprises have some special requirements for industrial PDA, at this time its basic functions cannot meet the requirements.f

Common industrial PDA functions, such as Bluetooth, camera function, color touch screen, storage space, processor and its main battery, these are some conventional accessories and some of its conventional functions, which are common to industrial PDAs.

However, if we have some special requirements for it and some requirements for secondary development, we need to negotiate with the manufacturer in advance and choose a more reliable product type, so we are also very recommended to pay attention to these.

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