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How to Choose an Industrial PDA?

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the degree of informatization, more and more enterprises need to use industrial PDAs to meet their own data collection needs.

In our daily life, we also often see industrial PDAs. For example, supermarket staff use industrial PDAs for inventory work, courier station staff use industrial PDAs to scan codes to pick up items, and shopping mall store staff use industrial PDAs. Carry out commodity inventory inquiry and so on.

So how to choose an industrial PDA? Next, Geshem will briefly introduce it to you here.

1. Choose an affordable PDA computer

There are many brands of PDA computers on the market, the quality is uneven, and the price range is large. When choosing an industrial PC, you should carefully compare the prices.

Neither blindly pursue high prices nor choose too cheap PDA computer equipment.

At present, according to the production process and components of the PDA computer, the normal price of an industrial pc price should be above 1500 yuan, and the industrial PDA that is too high or too low is not worth buying.

2. industrial PDA protection level

The use environment of industrial PDAs is relatively harsh, with a lot of rain and dust, and it is easy to fall. Therefore, the selection of PDA computers should have the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, and anti-fall, and must have a higher protection level. The higher the protection level, the more stable the PDA computer is. the higher.

3. Choose a functional PDA computer

The main function of the PDA computer is to scan the barcode, identify the commodity information and transmit it to the designated device in real time. The general consumer PDA computer can do this function.

However, if you choose a PDA industrial, the functional requirements will be stronger, such as having a large high-definition screen, supporting fingerprint unlocking, etc. Such devices are more suitable for the work needs of enterprises and can improve the work efficiency of enterprises.

Ⅳ. Choose a PDA computer that can provide after-sales service

For many enterprises, PDAs are the necessities of business work, and a lot of them are purchased every year, so it is particularly important to choose PDAs that can provide after-sales service.

Otherwise, once the purchased industrial PDA fails and cannot be used, it will cost another person to repair it, which is also a considerable expense for the enterprise.

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