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How Does the Car Mount Computer Help the Intelligent Management of the Car?

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the improvement of people's requirements for driving experience, more and more enterprises are involved in the field of automobile intelligence, and the application of car mount computers is also more and more extensive.

1. Car mount computer helps car safety management

Through the vehicle mount computer data processing terminal + cloud service mode, combined with the vehicle design and the application of related sensors, with the assistance of location information, combined with mobile Internet technology, it provides value-added services of "full monitoring".

For example, when the vehicle encounters abnormal conditions such as towing, intrusion, etc., the car mount computer will issue an early warning notice to the owner through the industrial panel pc manufacturers' service center in time, and has a stolen location function;

For all kinds of accidents that may occur, the service center will provide corresponding rescue services such as SOS emergency rescue, airbag triggering automatic help and so on.

2. Car mount computer helps car energy-saving management

The vehicle mounted computer obtains the driver's driving habit data through sensor data, such as the user's road condition through the gravity acceleration sensor.

The driver's driving habits are known through the car's engine and fuel consumption data, and the car mount computer regularly provides analysis reports to summarize the driver's bad driving habits while driving, so as to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption;

Through the high-precision positioning system in the industrial tablet, it provides high-definition precise routes, reduces unnecessary route errors, detours, and wrong routes in navigation, reduces vehicle fuel consumption, and achieves energy conservation and environmental protection.

3. Car mount computer helps car experience effectively

The car mount computer analyzes and reports vehicle faults in a timely manner through comprehensive fault inspection of the vehicle. Analyze the results according to the fault status, classify the faults and report effective solutions, and provide analysis causes and fault solutions.

4. What are the technical requirements for in-vehicle computers?

The car mount computer is a special automotive information product specially developed for the special operating environment of the car and the characteristics of the electrical circuit, which has the functions of high temperature resistance, dust resistance and shock resistance, and can be integrated with the automotive electronic circuit. It is a highly integrated vehicle multimedia information center.

The main functions of the car mount computer include navigation, professional diagnosis of car information and faults, and mobile office and industrial applications.

Anti-vibration requirements: No matter any vehicle has vibration, the car mount computer has high acceleration and large amplitude according to the object of use, and low acceleration and small amplitude.

Display requirements: Since the car mount computer is used outdoors, it is unavoidable to be exposed to sunlight or even direct sunlight. The impact needs to be minimized through the selection of high-quality displays or structural design.

Power performance: The car mount computer generally draws power directly from the on-board battery. Due to the different use states of various batteries and the instantaneous impact of ignition and flameout, the power requirements of the equipment used in conjunction are very high, otherwise the car mount computer will be easily damaged. equipment.

Wide temperature requirements: -30 to 70 degrees Celsius can be used normally.

Electromagnetic interference: When the car mount computer is used in police and medical vehicles, unqualified electromagnetic radiation will cause serious interference to other equipment, such as digital radio, medical high-precision sign monitoring, etc. The car mount computer is required to have good anti-electromagnetic interference. ability.

Function buttons: vehicle mount computer with function buttons can bring convenient operation and improve use efficiency in an unstable car environment.

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