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What Environments Are Industrial Display Monitors Suitable For? How Should They Be Handled When Not in Use for Long Periods?

With the increasing speed of industrial development, the demand for industrial displays is also growing, because installing such screens can indeed improve the transmission capacity of information, and effectively reduce the workload of workers. So, what kind of environment is suitable for industrial displays when we buy them from an industrial display manufacturer? How to handle them when not in use for a long time?

Suitable environments and handling methods for industrial display

Environments suitable for displays

To ensure the normal operation of the industrial monitor, it is recommended to control the humidity of the environment where the display is located between 30% and 80%, and there are no special requirements for temperature. If the humidity of the environment where the display is located is too high, condensation will occur inside the display, which will cause irreversible damage to the display over time.

Handling of displays not in use for a long time

If industrial monitor is not used for a long time, it is recommended to plug them in and work for a period of time every once in a while to prevent the components inside the display from rusting. Because if the display is not used for a long time and is located in a high humidity environment, the internal components are easily rusted.

Do not disassemble the display

Although the appearance of industrial monitor looks very low-key, giving people an illusion that it can be easily assembled and disassembled. In fact, the internal structure of the display is very complicated. If disassembled improperly, not only will the screen crack, but the internal components may also be damaged.

Advantages of industrial display

Diverse types to meet various demands

As the technology for producing displays continues to improve, the types of industrial display monitors are gradually increasing, and their models are becoming more complete. Inverted industrial display monitors, wall-mounted industrial display monitors, and open industrial display monitors are all common display types that can meet the needs of different industrial sectors, providing high-end features and services for workers.

Comprehensive functions and flexible operation

Industrial monitor has various functions. It can not only control production and perform full-scale testing of products, but also provide certain management functions for managers to improve their working efficiency. Moreover, industrial display is also easy to maintain and repair. With these advantages, it is widely used.

Easy installation and long service life

Before using any electronic device, we need to install it. Industrial display monitors are no exception. Their installation methods are divided into multiple types, and users can choose a reasonable installation method according to the display types. After installation, the functions of the related equipment can be experienced.

In summary, to ensure the normal use of industrial display, it is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the humidity and ventilation of the environment. Especially, do not place industrial display in a damp and cold environment, as this environment will accelerate the corrosion of internal components and affect the service life of the display.

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