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Application Areas and Advantages of Embedded Industrial PC

Embedded industrial PC is a compact and enhanced type of industrial PC specifically designed to reliably operate as an industrial controller within industrial environments. In recent years, with the development of embedded technology, industrial PC embedded has been rapidly evolving and quickly applied to various fields, occupying an increasingly important position.

Applications of Embedded Industrial PC

  • Mobile applications in the power industry: RFID, mobile internet and other technologies are used to achieve lean, closed-loop management by implementing mobile intelligent inspection and surveillance functions in various stages such as transmission, transformation, distribution, etc.

  • Applications in the petroleum and petrochemical industries: RFID technology is used to automatically, quickly, and accurately read the inputs and outputs of exploration and collection stations, greatly improving warehouse management accuracy and efficiency.

  • Applications in relevant regulatory industries: Real-time monitoring of flow, stock levels, firework companies, warehouse overcapacity warnings, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring warnings, and emergency signal activation via RFID, sensors, video surveillance, wireless transmission, and other technologies to reduce the occurrence rate of safety production accidents.

  • Applications in the pharmaceutical management industry: RFID technology is used to establish a drug supply chain information platform, which achieves real-time follow-up and supervision of drugs in production, distribution, and sales.

  • Applications in the environmental supervision industry: The application of embedded industrial PC in the environmental protection industry is on the rise, mainly due to the national promotion of automatic real-time monitoring systems for pollution sources. This work requires the automatic transmission of tens of thousands of signals to the main station, and a large number of signals need to be collected, in which embedded industrial PC, especially industrial embedded PC solutions, can play a very good demonstration effect.

  • Applications in the logistics industry: The modernization degree of logistics systems may exceed the imagination of many people. A complete modern logistics system can almost replace human work, including scanning, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification, etc. Embedded industrial PC is widely used in this field and has a large number of successful cases.

  • Applications in the smart home industry: Embedded industrial PC can be used as a household service terminal in high-end residential areas, implementing functions such as intercom, messaging, expense inquiry, product ordering, and home appliance management.

Advantages of Embedded Industrial PC in Product Performance

  • The product has good adaptability in terms of functionality, almost completely matching the functions of the objects being tested and controlled. It has certain scalability but does not focus primarily on expansion, making it very cost-effective;

  • Miniaturization is a major feature, reflected in compact design in which there are no reference standards for the structural design. Reasonable use of external interfaces and installation space must be fully considered;

  • High reliability is required. Based on reliable electrical function design, reliability design contents such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dustproof and waterproof design, and anti-vibration design must be carefully considered;

  • Low-power, fanless design is mainstream. Due to the limited heat dissipation capacity of the small device, and the high requirement for the mean time between failures (MTBF) of embedded industrial PC systems, especially in unmanned applications, low-power, fanless design is a must.

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