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How to Distinguish Fanless Industrial PC, Embedded Industrial PC, and Embedded PC?

1. What is an IPC industrial PC?

What is an industrial PC? Simply speaking, it is the industrial computer, the abbreviation of the industrial control computer, English for IPC.

It is mainly used in industrial and quasi-industrial occasions, or it is another PC other than commercial PCs. Because the industrial PC is an intermediate product and is generally integrated with a more terminal system, the public generally cannot see the face of the industrial PC.

Because of its advantages of stability, reliability, environmental adaptability, scalability, and easy installation, the IPC industrial PC occupies a very important position in the industrial and industrial-like industries.

The industrial PC is a general term for the entire industry and it also represents a specific product. Generally, it refers to an industrial control chassis-type host, such as 4U, 2U, 1U, and 8U heights. This product is simple in structure but widely used in the industry. It is the most typical application product in the industrial control market.

However, with the rapid development of electronic technology, a large number of industries are facing industrial upgrading. At the same time, new requirements are also put forward for computers in industry. Under the catalysis of external conditions such as smaller size, higher integration, and higher stability, embedded industrial PC products come up.

The above phenomenon occurs because the industry does not clearly standardize the name of the embedded box PC. All the above names refer to nothing more than a product, that is a small industrial PC, which is an embedded industrial PC.

2. The design of embedded box PC

These embedded industrial PCs generally adopt a fanless cooling design due to their structure and volume (industrial PCs generally have built-in fans for cooling). Geshem has the fanless touch panel like the 21.5 Inch 5G Economy Fanless Panel PC and others. This passive cooling method puts forward higher requirements on the power consumption of the industrial PC embedded.

Therefore, embedded industrial PCs generally use low-power CPUs. The computing performance of the embedded industrial PC is not comparable to that of the industrial PC under the same platform.

However, the embedded box PC has achieved rapid development in the market because of its dustproof ability, stability, and small space requirements. And they have the potential to catch up with industrial PCs.

Now many companies put their energy into the research and development, production, and promotion of embedded industrial PCs. Therefore, the embedded industrial PC also has more subdivided market products with the different application fields.

For example, ultra-thin and compact embedded industrial PCs with higher space requirements, a low-power multi-I/O embedded industrial PC that does not require much computing performance, but has high requirements for the number of I/O interfaces, and high-performance multi-I/O embedded industrial PC with high requirements on computing performance and I/O.

To sum up, fanless industrial PC, embedded box PC, embedded industrial PC, box industrial PC, etc. are all names for small industrial PCs with compact structures, which are just different names of various manufacturers. The low-power industrial PC refers to an embedded industrial PC that uses a low-power CPU.

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