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  • Lufthansa smart move Chi Jubilee
  • Shenzhen Tak Hang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shahe West Road, No. 3011 moved to the white sands and Technology Industrial Park, 8th Floor Area M Shenzhen Tak Hang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd...
  • 09/10/2013
  • Lufthansa intelligent industrial tablet PC by CE, FCC certification
  • My company Industrial Panel PC rigorously tested and successfully passed the certification authorized laboratory CE, FCC, HoHS certification and obtain the certificate. My company Industrial Panel PC ...
  • 09/10/2013
  • Lufthansa Intelligent Automation Show in Nuremberg in Germany
  • Smart Lufthansa German branch (Eastar Trading Gmbh) to bring my company IPC Products - Industrial Panel PC, embedded computer, network firewalls and other products, go to Germany to participate Automa...
  • 09/10/2013
  • 17-inch, 10-inch monitor military reinforcement handheld test passed all GJB322A
  • My company designed for the military reinforcement Monitor 17-inch hand-held and passed GJB322A GJB151A testing....
  • 09/10/2013
  • The new site on-line
  • October 2013 the new revised website on-line....
  • 09/10/2013
  • Installing Linux system from the hard disk
  • Installing the Linux operating system from the hard disk, we must first prepare the installation package, Linux operating system installation package is usually one or more of the ISO image file (usua...
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